Thursday, July 10, 2008

Is It Time For McCain To Get Off The Pot?

If Senator John McCain were running any semblance of a real Presidential campaign he would be 20 points ahead in the polls.

Barack Hussein Obama is, no matter how you look at him, an absolute fool on foreign policy, on energy, on economics, on medical care, on education, and is a major disaster on national defense. Every single day he inserts his foot in his mouth and/or inserts his head up his behind. This fool has spoken hundreds of thousands of words thus far in his campaign and he has said absolutely nothing. Had Hillary been treated equally by the media and the Democrat Party, she would have creamed him.

McCain has a warped sense of values that appears to render him incapable of running a competitive campaign. He refuses to capitalize on any of Obama’s many blunders.

I have a concern that with Obama in the White House and Democrats in full control of Congress, there will be a real danger of losing the United States of America.

Because of that concern, I have resisted comments that might weaken John McCain’s chances of winning the General Election. However, the truth is that nothing I or anyone else can say will do more damage than John McCain is doing to himself. The time has come for McCain to decide if he really wants to run for office, or prefers to bury his head in the sand. Is he up to the fight or not?

If the answer is not, and McCain has any respect at all for Republicans, if he has any love for his country, he should withdraw in time for the convention to select another candidate!

John McCain has earned our respect and gratitude for his military service, but he has not earned a free ego trip at the expense of a competitive Presidential contest.

The choice is yours John, perform or get off the pot!

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Anonymous said...

I agree with Mccain getting off the pot so some one more competent can take the seat. I don't think Obama has many fixed policies yet -- at least I hope not as most of what he says need some revision based on deeper thought. I don't think Oboma would cause us to loose the USA after all the country managed to survive 8 years of Boy Bush -- just barely though.

George said...

I talk with a lot of people. Over whelming numbers say, "I don't like McCain, but I have to vote for him or we get Obama"
Not many really likes either of them, but they see McCain as the best of the two.

Watch Dog said...

History has a way of separating the chaff from the wheat. Harry Truman, one of my favorites, was seen in a very poor light when he left office. He is now seen as one of the all time greats.

So it shall be with Bush. Not that he will be seen as great, but at least very good. His faults are that he failed to use the veto, supported amnesty, failed to defend his administration from the constant barrage of false accusations. There was never a threat to our Democracy, and on the war on terrorism, he was dead on.

The 110th Congress will be seen as one of the worst of all time!

Obama, on the other hand, intends, with the help of Congress, to replace Capitalism with full blown Socialism. Our economic system will be in shambles, our healthcare will be in shambles, our industry will be shambles or moved to other counties. Our courts will have judges that totally ignore the Constitution. said...

Feels like 1996 all over again. The Democrats have nominated an easily beaten candidate and the Republican Candidate is NOT capitilizing on it. Hopefully, the results will be better this time around.

rightwingdog said...

I agree McCain has to step it up a bit and go after Obama on his blunders and lack of substance. If he needs any ideas he can call on you or I Watchdog! ;-)
I do not agree he should back down and while he was not my 1st choice nor my 2nd choice I am sticking with him now.
IF we, on the RIGHT, lose, we will be losers of our own making. Obama would not be where he is IF it were not for the Illinois GOP I am sorry to say and because we had so many possible candidates in the beginning there was no focus on the best and the best got away. IF Obama wins, we will be subjected to his damnable Socialist ideas and eventually be turned, as a country, in that far leftist direction.
We must not let him win, we must fight and McCain has to get a pair!