Thursday, July 31, 2008

Screw You America!

Despite the fact that 70% of the public wants drilling for domestic oil, Nasty Nancy Pelosi, ”House Madam” (D-CA)., an rabid opponent of offshore drilling, vows to block discussion or a vote on drilling vote from occurring in the House.

Harry “The Dunce” Reid (D-NV) the Senate Majority Leader, has stated the same stance on drilling and demonstrated as much when he killed his own anti-speculation bill in order to prevent pro-drilling amendments being added.

In a recent Executive Order, President Bush lifted an executive ban on offshore drilling. This action placed the ball squarely in the Democrat end of the court.

How did Pelosi, Reid and the other Democrats’ respond?

They effectively shouted loud and clear – “Screw you America, we’re in charge! Get used to it” They voted to go on recess so that they could not debate drilling.

Pelosi claimed that to drill would be destructive to the environment! If that claim had any truth at all, the future of the country has to be as important as the environment.

Reid, hems and haws like the idiot that he is, and then mumbles.

The party leader, BO smiles and says, “Inflate your tires, and get a tune-up. It will be just as effective as drilling.” He also wants to double the Federal tax on Gasoline. He says that we already use more than "our share" of oil and "if we had more, we just waste more". What a fool he is! Can this guy really be as stupid as he appears to be?

There seems to be very little doubt that the Democrats are trying to bring this nation down to the point that they save us from the horrors of Capitalism by moving solidly into Socialism.

Why else would they work so hard at destroying the economy, losing the war, and undermining the Military?

The Democrats are so confident that they will soon control all three branches of Government, that they no longer hide their plans to take control (Nationalize) major industries, enact major gun control, takeover all heath care, seize (through taxes) retirement fund and private wealth. And why are they moving to place us under U.N. control?

Wake up while you still can, America.

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Anonymous said...

The value in not drilling might be in the fact that car manufacturers and others would be compelled to put more research into alternative fuels. I think there is real possibilities with technology based around other theories such as the Pons Fleishmann cold fusion.

Watch Dog said...

The Watch Dog is all in favor of an alternative fuel, when and if one can be found. Thousands of scientists are working on it!

'Pons Fleischmann cold fusion' is at best pie-in-the-sky. If anyone comes up with a reaction that can be replicated, it will take another 50 years to commercialize.

In the meantime we have an economy to keep running. Right now the only fuel available is fossil fuel.

The facts are that we have oil and coal to sustain us through a few hundred years thus giving us time to discover a viable solution(s).

Congresses policy is like rescuing a man over-board and you don't throw a life ring to the man because in an hour or so the ship can be in position to bring him directly on board. said...

Alternative fuels are a wonderfull ideal. I sincerly hope that we discover one that actually makes economic sense in my lifetime. IN THE MEAN TIME, lets drill for oil in Amwar and off the coasts rather than sending buckets of money to people who want to kill us. It only makes sense to use our own natural resources, if for no other reason that the ECOLOGICAL impact would be less. Think about it, No big oil tankers sailing across the ocean.