Wednesday, August 6, 2008

BO Inflating More Than Tires-- Corrected

A big thank you to Alexandria and Rick who pointed out a mathematical error in the original posting. As both pointed out, the 3% efficiency gain was factored twice. As a result the savings is actually 30 times more than was originally stated. Even with the error corrected the savings is relatively small an while we need to strive to save this waited oil, the amount is a non-factor on the issue of drilling.

The corrected version follows:

Obama stated that, “If we just inflated our tires and got a tune-up we could save more oil than we will get from drilling!”

There is no argument that proper tire inflation will improve mileage (mpg) and more importantly, proper inflation will greatly reduce tire failures. Over inflation is also dangerous. Over inflation can significantly increase tire failure and can cause loss of control.

If we assume that 100% of the 21 million barrels of oil that we consume each day were used to fuel our cars, and we also assume that every car would decrease fuel consumption by 3%, we could save 690,000 barrels/day.

21,000,000 x .03 = 690,00

In the real world, about 35% of the oil is consumed as gasoline. We will assume that all of that is used by cars. That’s brings us to 7,850,000per day consumed by automobiles.
21,000,000 x.35 = 7,850,000

Still assuming that 100% of all cars will improve mpg by 3% we would save 220,500 barrels per day.

7,850.,000 x .03 = 220,500

Studies tell us that roughly 30% of cars are operating with under inflated tires. This will bring the maximum real savings to 66,150 barrels per day.

220,500 x .3 = 66,150 Barrels / day saved

That represents a savings of just 0.32%
Since the mid-80's cars have been self-tuning!

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Rick said...

I think you may have done a double-dip on the 3%. You have 3% percent of all oil saved then you have cars saving 3% on gasoline which would be discounting it twice. It is still a small amount when compared to amount of oil we would get through drilling, so Obama is wrong. That does not mean we would not benefit from doing both drilling and doing routine maintenance on our cars.

rightwingdog said...

I am a bit confused here.

I think I heard today that Obama is now in favor of drilling also.
Seems somewhat contradictory to me.

I wonder why they don't act on it instead of going on vacation?
Seems somewhat like they don't care to me.

I wonder why Obama is running for President under the Hope and Change banner? Seems like he is hoping something will chnage and he can takes credit for it to me.


Anonymous said...

Don't confuse Obama with the facts!