Tuesday, August 26, 2008

If You Don't Vote For BO, You Are A Racist!

The only reason that you would not vote for Obama is because the color of his skin! At least, according to Newsweek, the New York Times, and others, that is the only possible reason that Obama could lose this election. An article in Newsweek went so far as to say that iof we fail to elect Barack Obama, we will be seen by the world as a nation in decline.

These publications are race bating. They are setting the stage to indict all of us, when and if Obama loses. They are in effect trying to Blackmail us into electing their failed candidate.

Lets be honest to vote against any candidate on the basis of skin color is racist! It is equally true that to vote for someone based on skin color is racist!

The Democrat party is also race bating in this election because they too keep hinting that you would have to be racist if you are not supporting their ticket.

If skin color is left out of the equation, I can think of no reason to vote for BO.

On the other hand, I can name many reasons not to vote for the Democrat candidate.

- He has virtually zero experiences.
- He supports infanticide
- He is a Marxist.
- He hates America.
- He promises Liberal Constitution ignoring judges.
- He promises to surrender in the War on Terrorism
- He wants to raise all taxes.
- He wants to nationalize health care.
- He wants to nationalize the oil industry
- He wants to nationalize the pharmaceutical industry
- He has no energy policy.
- He opposes drilling for oil. (He says gasoline should cost more)
- He opposes nuclear power
- He promises unilateral disarmament
- He promises to terminate all military research and development
- He wants a civilian paramilitary corps (“equal to the DOD”)
- He believes that corporations should not make a profit.
- He believes that the rich are obligated to give their money to others.
- He opposes the Second Amendment (wants total ban of firearms)
- He wants the U.S. to be subservient to the UN
- The list goes on!.

I don’t agree with any of his policies!….That makes me a racist?

Let us hope that the November election gives the leftist pundits cause to label the nation as racist!

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Fox Lady said...

You left out, He is a liar.

But then you would be repeating yourself!