Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's Not Going Well In Denver

Will Rogers used to say, “I am not a member of any organized political party, I’m a Democrat.”

Nowhere has that been more evident than the past two nights in Denver! Typically, by the second night of either party’s convention, their candidate enjoys a ten point bounce in the polls. Obama is down by two points.

While the Democrats are attempting to claim party unity, all evidence indicates that they are sharply divided.

Last evening, the designated keynote speaker was Mark Warner the former Governor of Virginia and a current candidate for the U.S. Senate. Warner threw out a few minor barbs aimed at the Republicans, but in general we heard him campaigning for the Senate.

Senator Clinton had the duty to transfer her supporters to Obama. She said the necessary words, telling all who would listen, that Obama is the torch carrier for the party and as such, party loyalty required them to support him. Never did she say that Obama was qualified to be President or that he was qualified to be Commander-in-Chief. On the topic of National Health Care, Hillary endorsed her own plan over Barack’s.

If Hillary was really interested in backing Obama, she would have blasted the ad that McCain is running, using her own words, in which she backs McCain over Obama.

Tonight, Sen. Biden will be the keynote speaker. He will be toned down with a scripted speech, which is not his style. He will be further handicapped by supporting a platform far different than his own, oft stated beliefs.

Bill Clinton will also speak tonight. His level of support for Obama, remains to be seen..

Tomorrow, Obama will accept the nomination from a mock-up of a Greek Temple which has been erected in Mile High stadium. This may be more symbolic than most viewers will realize. For those unfamiliar with ancient Greek Temples, they were not a place to worship the Gods as we now use temples. They were a home on Earth for the God. There were servants that tended to the God’s needs on a daily basis. What else would you expect from a self proclaimed Messiah who kept telling his followers “I am the one you have been waiting for.”? He has fallen for his own rhetoric.

Unless John McCain makes a major error, Obama cannot win this election. Even hard nosed Democrats are saying the same.

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Fox Lady said...

This "God" has lost his way!

His Temple is crumbling