Friday, August 22, 2008

Obama Says China's Infrastructure Is Better Suited Than U.S.

Obama says, “China's infrastructure is vastly better than that of the United States.” He also said that China was a more appealing place to locate your business. Click here to see video!

Senator Obama has a very low opinion of the country that he wants lead…..or rather wants to Change! He apparently has an even lower opinion of Corporations and/or Capitalism.

What employer wants to locate his plants –

-Where he, his family, and his employees will be imprisoned for mentioning God or for possessing a Bible?

-Where he, his family, and his employees may be arrested so that the government can harvest and sell their organs?

-Where the government encourages infanticide as a means of population control?

-Where the government forcefully sterilizes men and women for the same reason?

-Where the government enforces NO Standards on air quality?

-Where the government is so powerful that they just remove you from your home to build an Olympic complex?

-Where more workers are killed on the job in one year than have died on the job over the past 50 years in America?

-Where they can’t produce enough food to feed their own people?

-Where the rivers and lakes are clogged with algae?

-Where they still use lead paints?

-Where building codes are non-existent and as a result, a level 3 earthquake kills 10’s of thousand?

This list could be extended for many pages, but you can see that Obama is easily won over by his fellow Communists.

You won’t find many companies rushing over to China, if they can avoid it!

At least not now!

After 4 years of a Pelosi, Reid, and Obama in charge here, it may actually look appealing.

Obama asks, "Why aren't we doing the same thing?" Really!

May be that's some of the CHANGE that he has in mind!

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Fred E. said...

This is all too much for me. I'm still trying to figure out why Illinois was voting on going to war! I know they must have taken such a vote because Berry said he voted against the war.

Does this guy ever speak the truth?

Jane E. said...

Obama bought the sizzle that the Chicoms put on for the world to see through the eyes of the Olympics.

He adores the power over the people bit.

This is a very danerous man!

Top Sgt said...

The word here in Baghdad is that this SOB has removed the American Flag from his campaign jet, and he has his own presidential seal.

What country does he really want to lead? Not mine. None of the guys in my unit will be voting for him.