Monday, August 4, 2008


Obama keeps making statements that are nothing short of stupid! They would be funny like Yogism’s if they were not so damn dangerous!

A small sampling follows:

1. We produce only 3% of the world’s oil while consuming 25%.
We do consume 24% (he was close) but we actually produce 8.2%. So what! We also produce a large percentage of the world’s food supply, medicines, fertilizers, etc. Should we stop? The U.S. is the most benevolent Nation on Earth, we give, over time, far more than we receive. We have nothing to be ashamed of. Unless of course, you believe there is nothing to be proud of!

2. Inflate your tires and get a tune-up and that will do as much good as drilling.
Truth is if every car in America needed its tires inflated, inflating those tires will save 2000 barrels/day. Our daily consumption is 21 Million barrels. The savings is less than a drop in a bucket! This perhaps, his absolute dumbest statement!

3. Off-shore drilling will soil our beaches.
Off-shore drilling has actually improved many of our beaches. The pressure generated by the weight of the ocean waters has been forcing oil to seep from the sea floors. This oil eventually washes up on the shore. The wells have reduced the pressure and seepage. All of California’s beaches have much less oil in the sand than was there before wells. Geologist’s reported that every year, the seeping oil, off California alone, was the equivalent of the Exxon Valdez accident in Alaska.

4. Drilling will not cut the cost of gas today, tomorrow, or in 5 years, not ever.
That is sure as hell the truth if we keep talking and don’t drill. A week ago, the mere discussion of drilling brought the price per barrel down nearly $11. There are no long term exceptions to law of supply and demand. More oil or less demand equals lower prices. Oil executives (who know one hell of lot more than Congressmen) say we can see results from drilling in as little as two years and could meet 100% of our own requirements in as little as 10 years. This assumes that Congress also get the permit process streamlined. It took 21 years just to get the last off-shore drilling permit!

5. The oil companies are not drilling in the 69,000, 000 acres already available to them.
This is absolutely true. Would it make sense to open a ski resort in the Sahara Desert? Of course not! Nor does it make since to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to drill oil wells where there is a 5 to 15% chance of hitting oil.

6. To save the world, we must end the use of oil in our life time!
Why? Tens of thousands of real, certifiable credentialed scientist are on the record saying that Global Warming is a HOAX! The world temperature has not registered any warming in the last 8 years and has shown a reduction in global temperature over the pass 3 years. The world is not even close to being out of oil and our coal reserves can be converted to a cleaner version of every product that we get from oil.

7. We could better use the $700 Billion that we spend on oil imports’ on other programs!
Wrong! Of course our trade balance would be much better, it is money out of our economy, and some of it is funding our enemies. But that money does not belong to the government. It is consumer money and nothing comes from federal coffers, except the relatively small amount that they spend for fuel. It is your money!!

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George said...

There is a great new book out "Obama Nation"

I randomly checked out about a dozen reference in the book and they checked out!

He was raised a Communist and all his political help came from Commies!

This guy is as you say DANGEROUS!!!