Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pelosi: Political Prostitute And Pimp!

Last Friday the House Madam, Nasty Nancy Pelosi slammed through an immediate recess of the House of Representatives. She did this to prevent a vote on drilling for oil in the U.S. and/or our territorial waters. The results of such a vote were guaranteed to allow off-shore drilling for oil and perhaps on land too. In the process, the Madam Speaker has prostituted herself by climbing into bed with environmentalists and with her own personal hatred for George W. Bush. The Speaker has also, and against their wishes, pimped out every Democrat in the House to her special interest friends.

For a few dollars donated to her reelection coffers, and because the Speaker doesn’t want George W. Bush to get any credit (her words), this despicable excuse for a Congresswoman has endangered the entire nation and she has endangered the reelection hopes of every Democrat in the House.

The Speaker's own reelection is assured because her home district is dominated by anti-American dregs of society and illegal aliens (who vote), many of which are employed by the Pelosi’s. Why hasn't ICE raided her businesses?

The Speaker cares not that at least 75% of the pubic is demanding drilling! The Madam Speaker did not care that a majority of her minions and all Republicans wanted a vote to allow drilling! Her own personal anti-American interests, and her hate Bush mindset were and are all that Madam Speaker cares about.

Every voter, who cares about the future of this nation, should demand that if their Democrat Representative is to have any chance of election in November, two things must happen:

1. Drilling must be approved off-shore and elsewhere, including ANWR!

2. Pelosi must be removed as Speaker!

Nothing less is acceptable!

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Fox Lady said...

It is called make things sooooo bad that the idiots vote for BO!

Democrats think nothing of wrecking the economy to win elections.

Elliott said...

This is such aload of crap it doesn't even bear discussion. Who writes this junk?

Watch Dog said...

Gee, Eliot, What part of the truth didn't you understand?

The entire problem was generated by the Congress.

I'm not sorry that the truth hurts.

The sad part is that you actually have a vote!