Sunday, August 31, 2008

Qualified vs. Not Qualified

Last week the Democrat Convention wrapped up their Hollywood production, “The “Coronation of Barack Obiden”. Undoubtedly, it will be the top nominee for an Academy Award as a documentary, but just like “An Undeniable Truth” it belongs in fiction category. The main character, Obama is a total fabrication and the supporting actor, Joe Biden is nearly all fabrication.

Talking heads of the main stream media were all aglow, telling us how Obama had given us details on his plans as President. The truth is that we know not one iota more about his plans than we knew prior to the Convention. What we do know is that BO plans to increase the spending by a trillion dollars while he claims that he will cut the taxes of 95% of the tax payers. Talk about smoke and mirrors!

The buzz was that the Thursday night Hollywood production of “the Messiah accepts his rightful throne” was going to give them a 20 point bounce in the polls.

It would appear that John McCain stole much of Barack’s thunder when he named the Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin as his running mate.

The Democrats immediately attacked her selection, saying that she is too inexperienced to be heart beat away from the executive office. It is hard to imagine that charge coming from a party whose candidate for President has all the qualifications of the Pillsbury Doughboy. And he would be the President! We would not have the benefit of a heartbeat.

The history of this nation has been that we elect very few Presidents based on the strength of Senatorial experience. The reason being, serving in the Senate does little to qualify anyone for leadership or a decision make role.

So what does Obama bring to the office of President? He is a lawyer who scarcely, if ever practiced law, he was a recruiter for rabble rousers, an anti capitalist, a fund raiser for terrorist groups, a member of a racist anti-American Church, and 143 days of service as a U.S. Senator. His history in any leadership role is ZERO, ZILCH, NADDA!

On the Republican ticket you have nominated as VICE-PRESIDENT, Sarah Palin who has been the Mayor of a small city, Chairman of the statewide Council of Mayors, she served as the Chair and Ethics Supervisor of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, and is at present the Governor of Alaska. This is a woman that has risen to a position of leadership in every endeavor that she under taken starting when she became team Captain of her High-school basketball team. She also knows what it is to work hard to earn a living with your hands and back, as she was a commercial Alaskan fisherman, She sees our war involvement through a mothers eyes because her son enlisted in the U.S. Army and is scheduled for deployment to Iraq within the next few weeks.. Collectively, Mrs. Palin has served more than 13 years to in elected office. No matter how you look at it, Sarah Palin is infinitely more qualified than is Obama. And she will have at least some time to learn on the job for that day when and if she becomes President.

The much less qualified Obama has to hit the ground running. There will be little or no time to learn the job where one serious error could cost all of us our lives.

There are no prepared statements or Teleprompters to respond to that 3:00 AM telephone call.

You can vote for the Fairytale Prince backed by a court jester!

Or you can vote for John McCain backed a female version of Teddy Roosevelt.

The choice is yours.

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Anonymous said...

Serving in the Senate has the potential to enlighten one as to what is going on at that level of government and around the world.

Obviously Mrs. Palin enjoys making and having kids, too bad (for her kids) she didn’t have the full instincts of motherhood i.e. staying home and taking care of her kids. She may not be for abortion but she obviously isn’t for mothering (her) kids either. Family values???

McCain was indisputably a good soldier and war hero which he used to spring into politics – not any great leadership qualities or visions. In fact his political claim to fame is how business cheats the government.

Obama said he will end the Iraq war saving 10 Billion a month – probably the largest source of burden to the low to middle income tax payers.

While there may be no Teleprompters for the 3AM telephone call, I’d prefer a responder whose decisions are based in logic and seeks council not an angry old man previously awakened by his prostate and shooting from the waste!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watch Dog said...

Watching television also enlightens a person as what is going on in the world, but does not make you qualified to lead anything.

Running a business, a City, or a State does provide many of the experiences needed to be President.

If I may be so bold, it's none of your or my business how many children Mrs. Palin has. Obama has a ton of half-brothers and sisters. Unfortunately, most appear to be living in poverty. Barack's mother was three months pregnant when she married his father. By the way his father also had another wife in Kenya who already had given him one son and she was pregnant with another of his children at the time.

If you were a regular reader you would know that I have always argued that McCain is a war hero, but that we do not owe him the Presidency in return. I am not a fan of John McCain and if there were someone other than unqualified Marxist running in opposition, they would have my full support.

By far the greatest tax burden is the welfare state which the admitted former dope addict wants to expand to more than double its current size.

Energy is the largest non tax burden (3 times the cost of the entire war on terrorism). That cost can be shown to be entirely the fault of Democrats and Obama supports those same stupid policies.

As for logic, you must not have any if you believe that BO has made a single decision based on it.

It is time to grab yourself by the shoulders and pull your head out!

Anonymous said...

Got ya!!!