Friday, August 22, 2008

A Really Dumb Question!

The insane staff of BO attempted an “I gotcha” question, on John McCain. They asked Senator McCain, “How many houses do you own?”. Then they tried to make political hay because McCain didn’t know. Their claim; McCain is so disconnected and out of touch with everyday life, because of his ‘wealth’, that he doesn’t know what he owns.

The facts are that John McCain’s personal wealth is far less than is Barack Obama's. Cindy McCain is very wealthy; she is one of the most successful business women in America. John is not involved in her business operations. You may rest assured that Mrs. McCain acquired all of her houses honestly. NOTE: One of Cindy McCain’s houses is provided to her elderly aunt-free.

The proper question to be asked of BO would be, “Barack, do you and/or your wife own any house or property that was not discounted as repayment for the misuse of your office?

Did your $1,000,000 earmark to the hospital where Michelle was employed have anything to do with her getting a pay raise of nearly $200,000?

Obama claims that he cares for those who have less! Is that why he and Michelle have donated less than 1% of their multimillion dollar income, to charity? NOTE: John McCain gave 28%

Is that why George, his half-brother lives on a mere $12/year? Barack could send George a paltry $20 and raise his families standard of living by 250%.

One thing that we all now know is that without a prepared statement on a teleprompter, BO is reduced to a babbling idiot! Last I heard, those 3:00 AM calls don’t come with a prepared statement or a teleprompter.

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George said...

As "Unk Hiram" says, "Do you want Obama picking your Doctor?"

Never been a fan of Witch Doctors' myself.

The guy (Obama) is an idiot! Always has been, always will be!

I've dertmined that he does not Flip-Flop. You have to actually have an opinion before you can flip-flop.

Watch Dog said...

Note -

"Unk Hiram's Blog" may be reached by clicking the link in the right sidebar

Under favorite Blogs said...

I dont care how many houses Senator McCain owns. What I care about is him making it possible for the economy to improve so that we can all own a house or an extra house or two. This goes back to the Democrat playbook of demonizing the rich!

jeff said...

sad news today Unk Hiram died aug 28 2008 I will miss his blog