Thursday, September 4, 2008

Experience As Governor Is a Major Qualification

5Over the past several days, we have heard the mainstream media and a host of spokesman for the BO campaign tell us that being a Mayor and Governor is not a qualification for the Presidency.

The facts are that of the last 12 U.S,. Presidents:
  • 5 were Governors (Franklin Roosevelt, Carter, Reagan, Clinton, G. W. Bush)
  • 5 were Vice-Presidents (Truman, Johnson, Nixon, Ford*, G. H. W. Bush)
  • 1 5-Star General (Eisenhower)
  • 1 Representative/Senator (Kennedy)

* NOTE -- Gerald Ford was appointed to the Office Vice-President and he was never elected President.

In that time span, John F. Kennedy is the only person to move directly from the Senate to the Presidency.

Even though the Obama campaign would like it to be otherwise, clearly the voters put allot of value on the experience as Governor.

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Fox Lady said...

When one is drowning in his own lies, as Oba ma is, he will grab at any straw.

Jane E. said...


No community organizers?