Tuesday, September 2, 2008

NATO IS Dead! Is The EU Far Behind?

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was established in April 1949 as a mutual defense pact between the nations of Western Europe, Canada and the U.S. NATO succeeded in keeping the Soviets at bay. With the U.S. pledged to defend them, Western Europe was secure enough to prosper and recover fully from the effects of WW-II.

It is unfortunate that they also became complacent and relied almost completely on the U.S. to carry the load while they slashed defense spending and used the savings to expand their own socialistic entitlements.

With the Cold War victory (collapse of the USSR) , NATO effectively now extends all the way to the Russian borders.

Without the immanent threat of an attack that had prompted the alliance, they have begun to doubt the need for a trans-Atlantic alliance. The European members of NATO failed to take any action over Serbia's ethnic cleansing in the 1990s. When NATO finally acted to remove Slobodan Milosevic in 1999, the much-criticized intervention proved little more than a de facto American air campaign.

Article 5 of the NATO charter requires its members to come to the aid of any fellow nation that is attacked. However, after Sept. 11, 2001, NATO members, other than Great Britain and Canada refused get involved in the fight against Islamic terrorists.

Australia, which is not a NATO member, is doing far more to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan than any European NATO members including Germany or Spain. Great Britain which has always been a class act is helping and France has a very small operation, but, the French parliament is expected to meet to decide on withdrawal.
Canada, Great Britain, and the United States carry the full load for NATO in Afghanistan.

A few weeks ago, Russia attacked Georgia. Georgia has not been accepted into NATO membership, probably because European NATO has stated that they will not die for Tbilisi (the capitol of Georgia). You may recall that in 2003 some NATO countries tried to prevent any support to NATO member Turkey if Saddam's Iraq retaliated against Ankara for the U.S. invasion to remove him.

Under the protective umbrella of the United States, the NATO members of Europe have allowed their own defense to fall into disarray while they economically grow fat and complacent. They have no intention to honor their agreements to go to the aid of any treaty members.

It is time for the United States, Canada, and Great Britain to dissolve their membership in NATO. The heavy lifting has been done and Europe has turned into an unneeded burden. It is time for Europe to under go a much-needed reality check. It can invest in its own defenses and the United States could seek pacts with countries that would be reliable partners.

It is time to dump the whining cowards who once again have turned to appeasement to survive. Islamic leaders say that they will control Europe by 2015. It looks like they are correct.

That being the case, we need to prepare ourselves for that day!

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George said...

We should get out of both NATO and the UN.

They are both millstones around our neck.