Thursday, November 6, 2008

Affixing Blame Where It Belongs

About two weeks ago the McCain election staffers began to realize that they were going to lose the election. Knowing that they had blown it, they began looking to place the blame elsewhere. Listening to their rhetoric over the past many days, it is clear that they settled on blaming Gov. Sarah Palin.

It was John McCain and his staff that lost this election. In fairness, they were up against some sizable opposition with the mainstream media (MSM 100% in the tank with Obama and the economy in a partial collapse.

There was nothing that the McCain camp could do about the disgraceful conduct of the media

It was the failures of Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae that triggered the mortgage industry collapse. The bloody hands in those failures belong to Democrats like Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Bill Clinton, and Jimmy Carter. McCain made little or no effort to set the record straight and in the end paid dearly for it!

McCain ran a rather anemic campaign. He failed to seize any opening presented by Obama. He was seemingly intimidated for fear of being labeled a racist by the MSM. For a guy that ran largely on being a war hero, he had no fight in him.

The Obama camp ran TV ads everyday that were outright lies, again, McCain made no effort to correct the lies or to call Obama’s hand on those ads. All the while, Obama was trying to use the courts and intimidation to block legitimate McCain ads.

The people that study such things, claim that the media bias gave Obama somewhere between a 15% and 20% boost. Even with that help, Obama was unable to seal the deal and finally won the election by less than 6%. McCain only needed a shift of 4% to 5% to have moved to a victory.

Prior to Sarah Palin’s selection for the VP post, John McCain wasn’t in the running at all. McCain had alienated the entire Republican base. Less than 10% of Republican voters were ready to accept him as a candidate that they could support. The selection of Sarah changed all that and 80% of the base returned. And she kept that base support for him when, at least weekly, John would make some really stupid statement that pissed off some part of that base. Had it not been for Sarah Palin, John McCain would have had no more than 2/3 of the votes that he received on November 4.

If John McCain were any kind of a man, he would show Sarah at least the same respect he demanded for Barack Obama when he dismissed staffers for mentioning Obama gaffs.

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Anonymous said...

John McCain lost because he did not display leadership qualities. He did in fact display a good soldiers qualities, he followed orders. He spent his first 30 minutes during the second debate talking against "pork" then 2 days later went and voted for the bigest pork bill ever. A leader would have gathered the troops and provided a plan consistent with his agenda, that is not what John did. Granted Obama didn't do that either but he didn't spend 30 minutes during the debate 2 days earlier speaking about how bad pork was.

Watch Dog said...

Whose orders do you think McCain was following? It sure wasn't the Republican party! It sure as hell wasn't GW!

I agree that he was a hypocrite on the bailout, but most of the greedy bastards were more concerned about what they could get out of the mess than who voted for it.

Truth is, McCain was the candidate no body wanted, but he could have won any way!

RightWingDog said...


You are pretty much on target. I really think BHO is going to be inaugurated on January 20, 2009 is in great due to the attitude of the Republican Party from the gitgo. They had a head in your ass attitude all along. The ONLY way I see us taking back what is out=rs is if we get rid of all the good ole boys in DC and start over! In addition we have a mandate to bring Sarah with us.