Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Diversity Compliance Costing Millions In Increased Tuition Fees

Over the pass few weeks this column has collected information which indicates that American colleges and universities are rejecting millions of dollars in tuition in the name of diversity!

Say that a given school has a student capacity of 10,000 students and is located in an area with a 20% minority population. In order to be completely balanced (diversity) the school needs 2000 minority students.

In the real world, schools rarely receive applications from the number of qualified minority students required to meet the quota. The school administrators, out of fear or stupidity, reduce the total number of students to the level that will maintain the 80-white / 20-minority ration. As an example, our theoretical school successfully recruits 1800 minority students. To maintain the 80/20 ratio, they except only 7200 white students. This leaves 1000 seats unfilled. If the annual tuition at this school is$25,000, those unfilled seats account for a loss of $25,000,000 per year! The operating cost is now spread over 9000 students rather that the 10,000. The effect is an increased cost per student of nearly $2,800.

This loss will be recovered through increased tuition or taxes or a combination of both!

We are going to pursue this matter and will report in greater detail as the facts warrant.

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Fox Lady said...

This is interesting!

However, it seems to be inline with what we know about institutions og Higher(?) Learning these days.