Monday, December 8, 2008

Yes, Those At Fault, Should Resign!

Congress is calling for the heads of those caused the problems with the Big Three automakers.

I totally agree!

The automobile industry is in trouble because:

  1. of the collapse of the credit industry
  2. of the $4.00 / gallon gasoline prices
  3. of ridiculous CAFÉ standards
  4. of crippling UAW contracts
  5. Mainstream media treats domestic vs. import with the same bias that they apply to Republican vs. Democrat.

The collapse of the credit industry falls directly on the heads of Congress. The Congress corrupted Capitalism by forcing lending institution into sub-prime loans. Chief among them, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd!

The $4.00 / gallon gasoline price came as a result of the Congress blocking new drilling for the past 30 years.

CAFE Standards are designed to gain the support of Environmental terrorist groups like Sierra Club. For some illogical reason, Congress thinks it necessary to kiss the collective behinds -- no matter how much harm that action brings to America!

So who should resign for these blunders? My vote -- CONGRESS!!

The crippling UAW contracts were the result coercion on the part of the Union. They would strike one company at a time. For that company to hold out against the union demand would cause the company to lose market share which they may never recover. The union would then strike another company and so on. As a result, the Big 3 are limited, by labor contracts, as to how much automation they can have, opening new plants that are not unionized, and paying laid-off worker 90% of their pay for not working – the list goes on. The companies need a way to rid themselves of this dead labor burden – perhaps bankruptcy?

As for the bias in the press it is such a shameful business that no self respecting person, the quality of American automobiles has been on a par or even better than that of imports for more than a decade, but they refuse to support anything good about this country. Notice how they are ignoring the War in Iraq?

If Congress were to ask for the resignation of the 500 most incompetent “leaders” in America, Capital Hill would be a Ghost Town!

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Fred E. said...

What a wonderful thought -- Congress has resigned!