Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Answer Is Yes!

Several of the readers of this blog have sent e-mails asking if conservatives should support or oppose Barack Obama’s presidency? My answer is, “Yes!”

Let me explain—

We conservatives love our country. For most of us, it is God, family and country. We want what is best for America. We want America to be safe, prosperous, sure of her future, and proud of her past. For us, America has been and is that “Magnificent City on a hill” and we want it to remain so!

We are at a crossroads in time where we have the most incompetent Congress since our founding as a nation. Both houses are led by anti-American idiots who have, since taking over in 2006, demonstrated their willingness to not only bring harm to the nation but to also place us in grave danger with a disastrous energy policy.

We have seen the damage caused by liberal hatred over the past seven years. We have seen how the lies and innuendo by the Left and their propagandist in the media, have divided our nation against itself.

We conservatives must not allow this self destruction to continue. We must support President Obama. For at least the next two years and perhaps as many as 8 years, he will be the only source of leadership that we will have. We need to support his administration. We need to pray that his leadership takes a different path than the one that he has promised. Whenever possible, we need to nudge him in the right direction. But we must offer our support!

We cannot help at all if we behave as the Liberals have over the last 8 years.

Think about it this way, none of us wanted John McCain as President either! If McCain had won the election, we would still have many of the same concerns.

The best we can do is support President Obama when he is right, try to guide him when he is not, and pray that we still have a country in 2012.

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Fox Lady said...

Hello, Watch Dog!
We hope this means you are back!
The Major and I have missed your witty writings.

We agree with your view on supporting our soon to be President. And we will pray, as will the vast majority of our military.

RightWingDog said...

Hey Dog:

Where you been? to see you back!

This is right on the money with the possible exceptions, for myself at least, that when Obama is right -I will applaud him but when he is wrong - I will raise my voice and make it known. In addition, we Conservatives MUST re-group and start again to take back what is ours. The Congress in part in 2010 would be start with 2012 going for morw Congress seats and the Presidency and by 2016 we should be able to get the whole enchilada.
I don't know if I will be around in anotyears but I can still work toward that as you can and I knoiw you will.

Be Safe my Friend,