Thursday, January 29, 2009

How Do Democrats Spell Stimulus? -- PORK!

Yesterday, Congressional Democrats passed what they call an "Economic Stimulus” Package authorizing an expenditure of more that $900 Billion. In reality it has nearly zero stimulus and 90% Pork projects.

The bill reads like a laundry list of Democrat projects that they have been pushing for the past decade.

The bill authorizes:
- $4.2 Billion to $5.4 Billion for ACORN and similar left wing organizations.
- $600 million for new ‘green’ cars for the federal government.
- $50 million for the National Endowment of the Arts
- $136 Billion on at least 32 government programs
- $335 Million on STD prevention
- $30 Billion directly to the States to offset their share of Medicare

Huge amounts are provided to pay health insurance premiums for the unemployed.
Billions of Dollars will doled out as welfare payments (called tax cuts) to over ½ of the American people and includes payments to Illegal Aliens.

We have listed a small number of the several hundred “porkulus” projects that are authorized in this bill.

You will have to search long and hard to find any monies that will generate jobs or stimulate the economy.

Furthermore, most of the programs start between two and ten years down the road!

This bill is extremely bad and serves only to move the United States into becoming a Socialist Democracy which is further left than France.

We can be proud of the fact that Republicans in the House finally acted like leaders and to a member, opposed the Bill. To their credit, 11 Democrats also put their country ahead of party and voted NO!

Nancy Pelosi, acting like the Nazi that she is, has threatened to punish the ”Partisan” Republicans’. She did not mention what she has in mind for the brave Democrats that crossed her.

The bill now is in the hands of the Senate where, hopefully, some improvements will be forged by the Republicans.

This bill will be enacted, make no mistake about it. There are several Republican Senators like McCain, Snow, Graham, and Collins, that are more interested in themselves than their constituents or their country, and will vote to pass this trash!

Circle your calendar on the day that Obama signs this bill. In the future, historians will mark it as the date on which the greatest nation on the Earth, the bastion of Democracy, The United States of America died!

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1 comment:

Henri said...

I was a small child when the American soldiers liberated my home in France. That was the first time that I can remember my mother and father laugh aloud. Since that time I have loved America.

Today, I am an old man I have lived through the move to Socialism in France and the rest of Europe. We are now trapped in Socialism with no hope of escaping.

As I had told you earlier, I feared that America was going toward Socialism with this election. Sadly, it has come to be!

No one, I think, had any idea that it would be done in days rather than months or even years. I fear that you will not be able to return to Capitalism either.

America has always been the hope of the world. America has been the stabilizing peace keeper. America has been the soft heart that goes to the rescue of everyone, friend or foe.

There were polls in Europe as to why EU citizens did not like your Mr. Bush. The over whelming reason was, "Bush puts Americas interests first". Was that not his job?

My big regret is that I have lived to see the fall of the only hope for a better world.

Islam may soon be controlling your country as they are now doing here in France and other EU nations.

God Bless America, and Thank You!