Tuesday, February 10, 2009

An open letter to Susan Collins, Cynthia Snow & Arlen Specter

Dear Senators:

The three of you may well be facing your last opportunity to establish your place in history.

As it currently stands, each of you will be remembered as major contributors to the destruction of the American Dream. There can be no greater disgrace than to be remembered for your actions. The three of you directly contributed to the destruction of the nation founded by great men like Madison, Jefferson, Washington, and Franklin.

You have one last chance at redemption! The choice is in your hands.

Sen. Specter, when asked why you voted for the largest Pork package in history, you said, “Doing something is better than doing nothing.”

Is it, really? If you were struggling in deep water, I think you would have a different view if someone tossed a cinder block to you.

This Porkulus bill, which you are voting to enact, is a 'cinder block' that will drown many generations of children to come.

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C E crane said...

And as the reduced version of the bill goes back to the house, Nancy is calling for restoration of all that was removed by the senate. What are going to do when it comes back bigger than before?

Fox Lady said...

Most of the spending in this bill starts in 2010.

So why the mad rush to push it through now?:

My guess is that they know it can't pass scrutiny.

Lindz said...

They're doing it now so that they have an excuse to hold a parade of all of the amazing things that Obama has done since taking office.

Anonymous said...

I hope that the Rail Road that Dirty Harry has earmarked will haul all of them into Lake Tahoe. Self preservation has become the rule on the Hill. The Democrat majority has turned into a Dictatorship! We need to become as vocal as hell. this is our money they're passing out.

Christine said...

Nancy Pelosi is starting to look like Tony Soprano's demented mother! What is Maine going to get in return for Collins' and Snow's votes? Specter might as well run as a Democrat, he doesn't qualify to be called a RINO. I wish that Reagen would return and smite all of them!