Friday, February 6, 2009

A Presidency In Panic!

Last evening you saw or heard Barack Hussein Obama give a speech in which he attacked Republicans for not supporting his 'Porkulus' Bill (actually Pelosi's Bill), then he attacked Fox News, and numerous Talk Show hosts for questioning the benefits and potential harm of that Bill.

Why? The Bill has already passed the House and Reid stated that they have more than enough votes to pass it in the Senate. The Bill will pass in slightly different forms, but it is established that after those differences are worked out, the final bill will pass both Houses.

So why is BO so panicky about the lack of Republican support?

The problem is that Obama has never made an important decision where he has to be responsible for the results. When this Bill fails, and it will, to produce the results desired, he wants to share the blame with Republicans.

His first failure was allowing the House Madam, Nancy Pelosi, to write the Bill. It has little to do with stimulus and much to do with enacting Democrat pet projects that they have failed to enact over the past 20 years. It is all pork! And very bad PORK at that!

This Bill will pass at something over $900 Billion. Less than $200 Billion has anything, even remotely, to do with stimulus.

In his speech, Obama stated that the important measure of the Bill is the amount, which he said was about right. What a crock that is! For $450 Billion you could give $70,000 to each of 6 million unemployed and do one hell of a lot more for the economy.

Clearly, Mr. Obama has no idea that, how the money is spent, determines whether or not it is a stimulus.

Furthermore, this Bill is spread over 10 years.

Congress will be back in months wanting to spend even more money to cover up the failures of this flawed Bill. This country will be so deep in debt that our children and our grandchildren are going to be living with a third world economy.

Republicans know this and want no part of it. They are not opposing Barack, they are opposing the worse spending Bill in the History of the World!

Barack's lack of leadership and decision experience has him in a PANIC!

This in less than 3 weeks into his administration and he has panicked! What is he going to do when he has to deal with a real crisis?

He has already shown our enemies that he lacks any real leadership skills.

You better ask Israel how to build a family shelter? And you had better do it soon.

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Fox Lady said...

You know that we are in trouble when the ONLY budget cut is a 10%+ for the Department of Defense!

My husband and several of his Army friends are considering saving them their salaries.

RightWingDog said...

Appearances are that the paradise of Barack Hussein Obama is falling apart. Many of us thought it would take 6 months or maybe even a year BUT the evidence seems to indicate the decay from without and from within has started a little less than three weeks into his reign!

His choices for 20% of cabinet appointees have met with severe problems - three of them are TAX CHEATS - one being investigated in a pay to play scam and one that is in bed with the unions.

As you point out in your article, the socaled stimulus package is PORK and Queen Nancy is the author. She helped grease the rails and Reid wants the vote to go on so he can get his own PORK projects in.

Barack Hussein Obama can blame whoever he wants BUT IF the Republicans hold fast in their refusal to sign anything containing PORK the failure will be his and his alone - thanks to the help from his friends.

His credibility is on the edge of the tank with all those except the ones who are blinded by his charisma and all it needs is a small shove and Barack Hussein Obama will feel the bump when he hits bottom.