Monday, March 30, 2009

Another Big Lie!

A few days ago, Hillary Clinton attacked the United States as the cause of the drug war in Mexico and as the source of the weapons being used in that war!

The claim that these weapons come from the United States and the further claim that many are being purchased at gun shows is entirely false! It is against federal law to possess/trade/sell fully automatic firearms without a special permit to do so.. These laws apply to every individual and business alike.

The WatchDog spent several hours on the telephone and exchanging e-mails with contacts in the State Department, BATF, DOD, FBI, and Homeland Security asking about what they knew about the arms in Mexico. What was learned is that the vast majority of weapons are fully automatic AK-47’s, fully automatic Uzi’s, hand grenades, and Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPG). None of these can be purchased at a gun show. According to real intelligence sources, the weapons are left over from the Cold War and are being supplied by sources other than the U.S.! Our sources also said that Hezbollah funds and/or supplies many of them.

It is the belief of this observer that the Obama administration intends to use the weapons in Mexico as an excuse for enacting gun control and registration laws on the Citizens of the U.S. Liberals in Congress have already floated a proposed bill that would make it illegal to own any firearm type/model that has ever been used by the military or police. The proposal specifically states that there will be no exemptions because a firearm may also have sporting purposes. In addition, it would authorize the Attorney General to add to that list, ANY firearm that he desires..

As for the Constitution, this administration demonstrates on a daily basis that they will not be constrained by words written on paper or by court rulings with which they do not agree!

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RightWingDog said...

What would you expect?

The truth does not make as big of a headline!

BTW, where has Slick Willie been hiding?