Sunday, April 19, 2009

Congress Is Attempting To Take Your Parental Rights Away!

If you have doubts, read on!

The Obama administration is poised to adopt the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. President Obama supports this treaty. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is a leading advocate of the treaty. Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) has “promised” that this treaty will be ratified during this term of Congress.

If this treaty is ratified:

· The laws of all 50 states on children and parents would be superseded by this international law by virtue of a specific provision of the US Constitution which expressly declares treaties to be supreme over state law. Virtually all law on children and parents is state law.

· Good parents would no longer be entitled to the legal presumption that they act in the best interests of their children. Instead, the government would have the authority to overrule all parents on any decision concerning the child if the government believed it could make a better decision.

· Parents could no longer spank their children.

· Children would have the legal right to choose their own religion. Parents would be permitted only to give advice.

· America would be under a binding legal obligation to massively increase its federal spending on children’s programs.

The only kind of law that can override a treaty is the Constitution of the United States. State laws or state constitutions cannot override treaties. There is no guarantee that federal statutes could override treaties—moreover, we enter a binding legal promise to obey a treaty when we ratify it. America should not promise to obey a treaty and then claim it is appropriate to obey the treaty only when we want to. America of all nations must respect the rule of law.

There is only one possible solution for the eroding support for parental rights in the Supreme Court that can also stop the encroachment of international law.

We need to place the time-honored test of parental rights, as recognized by the Supreme Court for over seventy years, into the explicit text of the Constitution.

We cannot wait until our rights are formally demolished. We must act now to stop international law and protect these two key principles:

· Fit parents should be allowed to direct the upbringing of their children.

· American legislators, not international tribunals, should make the public policy for America on families and children.

If you would like to support parental rights sign this online petition.

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Beach Girl said...

WatchDog, I've linked this post at my blog and also at the Screw the UN blog where I sometimes post. We ought to be punch-drunk like our heads are in a blender if we survive this first 100 days.

Beach Girl said...

Also linked at Eternity Road where I blog periodically. This is a great post and we need to get the message out.

Eric Potter MD said...

Thank you for drawing attention to this important issue.

Anyone wanting more information on this issue can read my blog where I explain the basic worldview of this treaty and its potention effects.

Anonymous said...

Sound like a problem with the Constitution Supremacy Clause rather than the UN. Or course I would lament not being able to my kids a whoopin.