Monday, April 13, 2009

An Open Letter To President Obama

Obama Beats First National Security Test (The last post poreceding this) was posted as a reference for the following letter to President Obama from Lindsey:

"While checking up on the news during my lunch break, I stumbled upon the following story:
Obama Beats First National Security Test

I was so torn between laughing out loud and screaming in outrage that I decided that an emergency guest post might be in order…"~~Lindsey

Dear President Obama:
You must be breathing a sigh of relief right now. You made it through your first national security crisis. The media is already portraying you as a genius. You might as well have shot the pirates yourself.

That was one tough crisis though. I don’t know you did it. You made the agonizing decision to authorize the use of force, especially if the captain’s life was in danger. I can only imagine the sleepless nights you must have spent because of this.

Your daunting enemy consisted of THREE PIRATES in a LIFE BOAT. However did you figure out who the bad guys were? How did you know that they could be taken out without sustaining heavy casualties on our side? We cannot tell you how impressed we are that you can make the same decision that would have been apparent to any five year-old. Congratulations, President Obama. You are quite the Commander-In-Chief.

Patriotically yours, Lindsey

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Anonymous said...

Right on point..his spin team made sure he got credit for the Navy's action. He ran it by White Counsel first,,you can bet on that..days later than it should have been ordered.

rightwingdog said...

What genius?
Why did he wait five days to make a decision that should have been reflex action?
Who is he kidding taking credit for this? The credit goes to the SEAL sharpshooters for killing the three (should have shot the fourth jerk as well IMHO) and additional credit to the Captain who placed his own life on the line foir his men.
Wonder what Barack Hussein Obama will do when he finds out the Captain is a Republican?