Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rare Recommendation

The WatchDog does not read for entertainment! That is not to say that I don’t read. I spend a large part of everyday reading, but the only fiction that I read is what passes as news in the mainstream media. The only science-fiction that is read relates to global warming and alternative fuels, neither of which is science, but both are fiction.

My reading is done to feed my thirst for knowledge of science, history, politics and global events. As a result, I rarely encounter books that would appeal to large numbers of people.

In the past month, I have read two books that meet my reading interest and at the same time will have appeal to the masses.

The first of these is “White House Confidential”, co-authored by Gregg Stebben and Austin Hill. The book is subtitled “The Little Book Of Weird Presidential History”. The subtitle very accurately describes this delightful look at history.

If you had the good fortune of attending school when they actually taught American History, there is a slim chance that you are aware to a few of the tidbits exposed in White House Confidential. Every page generates emotions ranging from a grin to an out right laugh with an occasional “My God, did that really happen?” thrown in.

Once you have read the first page of White House Confidential, you will find it hard to put it down!

If there is any complaint about the book, it is that there is no index. A feature that you will need to show the source of your “facts”

The second book is number one on the best seller list; Liberty & Tyranny by Mark Levin.

Mark is no stranger to the Top 10 Best Seller list. His first book, “Men In Black” a groundbreaking critique of the Supreme Court, and his second book, “Rescuing Sprite” a memoir devoted to his much loved dog, Sprite also reached the Top 10 list and remained there for many weeks.

In his latest book, Mark characterizes his devotion to Constitution and his love of country. Liberty and Tyranny is Mark Levin's call to conservative America, a new manifesto for the conservative movement for the 21st century.

Liberty and Tyranny provides a philosophical, historical, and practical framework for revitalizing the conservative vision and ensuring the preservation of American society.

Liberty and Tyranny details the process that have taken this nation from the constitutionally sound government that was established by the founding fathers, through "The Constitution just gets in the way" government that currently exists. It also outlines the way back to sound constitutional government.

The book is well organized making it an easy and informative read. There are 37 pages of notes which document the statements used thought-out the book.

“Liberty and Tyranny” is a must read for anyone interested in saving America for our children!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post. I found you after hearing Austin Hill's program on WMAL. Liberty and Tyranny is a MUST read!! This Administration is like a clown car in a parade and gets more frightening every day.

Fox Lady said...

I just read "White House Confidential". It was a riot!

Once I started reading, I found it hard to put down.

Great read. I have ordered "Liberty and Tyranny"

RigntWingDog said...

I will look into W/H C after I finish what I have now.
My current book (almost 900 pages) is called "The Company" you almost guess\ what it is about - YES, you win the CIA!
However, it is an historical novel written by Robert Littell. I honestly have to say it is one of the better books I have ever read, either for pleasure of for knowledge.

The one I read before that was "INTELLIGENCE FAILURE" Bossie. I great critique in the reason (Bill Clinton) for 9/11!

The Other Dog

George said...

I bought White House Confidential as soon as I could after reading your post.

I just finished it and it was all you said and more!

A real fun look at some little known history. Sort of Historic gossip!

Loved it! Thanx for alerting me to it.