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CIFTA: A Treaty Aimed At Removing Your 2nd Amendment Right!

On April 25, 2009 we posted “Legislating By Treaty”. That article alerted you to the fact that the Obama administration planned to use an often overlooked clause in the U.S. Constitution which reads as follows:

Article VI Clause 2:
“This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under Authority of United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding

Simply put, this clause states that agreements which are a part of any ratified treaty between the U.S. and another nation or nations, supersedes the Laws of any and all States. Furthermore, a Treaty may also place restrictions or limits on Rights granted by the Constitution.

At that time we were expecting that a new treaty being drafted with Mexico would be the one to usher in stringent gun control. We were wrong

Obama is pressuring the Senate to ratify a treaty which Bill Clinton signed on November 14, 1997. That treaty is the Inter-American Convention Against The Illicit Manufacturing Of And Trafficking In Firearms, Ammunition, Explosives, And Other Related Materials. Simply known as CIFTA! To access the entire text of the treaty click HERE.

If the Senate ratifies CIFTA, American gun owners will see their worst gun control nightmares actually happen!

Every paragraph of the treaty introduces major mandatory gun controls, most of which will affect average citizens and perhaps, the targeted criminal syndicates, dictators and other bad actors.

These controls go way past anything ever attempted by gun-control groups in the United States.

None of the proposed gun controls are likely to pass by themselves through Congress. If the treaty is enacted they don't have to -- they become law when the treaty is ratified.

The wordings are loose enough to allow all sorts of attacks on gun rights American enjoy today.

The our own government, under this treaty gains the power to manage firearms any way it would like to, without checks and balances.

Once ratified (Note that Bill Clinton has already signed it), the restrictions and government intrusions become mandatory, and Congress would be cut out of the implementation process entirely.

Total registration of all firearms, ammunition, ammunition components and other related materials is required if they are "in transit" and records must be kept indefinitely. This vague language, and the requirement to comply are a gun-banner's dream and a rights advocates nightmare.

"Transit licenses or authorizations" for transfers of firearms are required for imported firearms, and loose language could include the same for all domestic firearms.

Record keeping is required that directly conflicts with with current U.S. law, and would be left up to bureaucrats and arbitrary controls and implementation.

Home reloading of ammunition would become illegal and subject to severe sanctions, without government licensing that is undefined and could include almost any conditions, taxes and limitations, including scrupulous inventorying, record keeping and unscheduled audit searches of people who reload.

There are also licensing and controls required on anything made "that can be attached to a firearm," known as "other related materials." This includes components, parts, replacement parts and such items as wood or composite stocks, slings, bayonets, bayonet lugs, sights, scopes, rails, lasers, grips, flash hiders, suppressors, muzzle brakes and other paraphernalia. Attaching any such parts without a government license would be "illicit manufacture," a criminal act with undefined penalties.

Record sharing requirements ensure that any gun-owner data that must be destroyed under current U.S. law can be easily stored abroad, and can be retrieved at will as required under various international "cooperation" clauses.

Harry Reid is twisting arms to get this treaty ratified!
You need to make certain that your Senator knows the consequences for his supporting this treaty!

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Anonymous said...

Will that BASTARD ever stop trying to screw over us?

There will be no Constitution at all by thhe time he is finished.

In fact, when Obama is finished, I fear that America will have been finished off!

It is going to take an armed (that's why they after our guns)to restore this nation!

Christine said...

The Second Amendment protects our First Amendment Rights!(We'll be throwing stones like the Iranians.) No Treaty should subordinate our Constitution.

Legal Beagle said...

The Watchdog is very good on the legal issues, in fact, I have wondered if he is an attorney?

With his permission, I use one of his articles entitled “Legal Decorations of War (Oct 2007)”,along with an addendum in the comments section as a handout to my law students.

WD is correct in his assessment of a treaty altering the law of the land, including the Constitution.

Our founding fathers were indeed very wise men and they wanted to ensure that we had the flexibility to make needed changes. Unfortunately, they also counted, as they often stated in their writings, that those elected to represent us would be men (women) of high moral character. They also expected that these persons would adhere to the divisions of power and also would not usurp the powers retained to the States.

Therefore they assumed that the President and Senate would not sign or ratify a treaty that had a serious impact on the Constitution .

Alas, such is not the case. The current Congress, including both houses, has almost no one of high moral character.

Where the President stands on the Costitution is a matter of public record.

Watch Dog said...

Sorry LB,
I'm not an attorney.

I'm a retired Scientist/Engineer.

Legal Beagle said...

Sorry about tat--

That should have been "Legal Declarations of War"