Friday, July 31, 2009

An Introduction by the Voice of Reason...

I have been Watch Dog’s occasional editor for almost a year now and occasional guest poster. You may have seen my post on Election Day, a.k.a. My Personal Day of Mourning. Watch Dog has kindly asked me to contribute on a more regular basis, and I have gratefully accepted his invitation.You see, I do a lot of ranting about the government (local, state and federal!) but I think that it will be far more productive to put my feelings into writing rather than keep them to myself (or to anyone within hearing distance). I wish that I was getting to post here under better circumstances (you know, other than the decline of America as we know it) but nevertheless, here we all are.

By way of introductions, I’m younger than 30 and have a B.A. in history. While Watch Dog tends to write fantastic posts full of well-researched current facts, my outrage/arguments tend to be more based in history/political precedent and common sense. I, unlike the vast majority of those in my age bracket, did not drink the Obama kool-aid. At the time of the election, I was wary of those who refuse to voice a definite opinion on... oh, I don't know, anything at all? Also influencing my decision is the fact that I'm not a certified SOCIALIST. And finally, two other things affect my political leanings: (1) I don't have a strong sense of entitlement, and (2) I take responsibility for my own actions. I can't help but notice that the majority of Americans don't seem to be similarly affected.

I will admit that I am not a Republican. I’m not a huge fan of the Republican party at the moment. I think most of the Republicans have taken up residence in Crazytown (which, like the Democrats’ Looneyland, is apparently a rural suburb of Constitutionville -- which is where I like to live). I thought about registering as a Libertarian until Ron Paul wanted to put us back on the gold standard. Apparently, being a political nomad is the safest way to go.

I don't claim to know everything -- far from it. But what I do know causes fits of fear, anger and yelling, to the point that the only sounds I can make are screeches of terror. I look forward to interpreting those screeches for you here, among my other writings, and hope that you enjoy reading them.

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Fox Lady said...

I have been playfully accusing the Watch Dog of locking you in a closet, chaining to pipe in the basement, and all kinds of other things.

He kept crying foul and saying it was all up to you.

My soldier boy husband and I have enjoyed your earlier contributions.

Looking forward to more of the same

Watch Dog said...

Welcome to the blog!

Now the Fox Lady will quit beating me up!

Legal Beagle said...

Ron Paul was wrong on many issues.
One of the more notable ones was his belief that the two wars were a violation of the Constitution.

Your mentor, WD wrote an excellent article addressing that very issue back in October '07 "Legal Declarations of War"

What Ron Paul failed to understand about the Gold Standard was that if we were on it, China would now have all of the U.S. Gold Reserve.

I'll be looking forward to your "rants".