Monday, August 24, 2009

Cash For Seniors Program -- Coming Soon To A POC* Near You!

Obama Announces
The New
Cash for Seniors Program

Modeled after the Cash For Clunkers program,
you can trade-in your old "clunker" of a grandparent
for FREE Taxpayer Money!
Maximum four grandparents per family.
Must be over 65 years of age. Limitations may apply.
Old grandparents will be destroyed to save the planet.

You will receive a Check from the driver at the time of pick-up!
Please have your "clunker" ready by the scheduled time for pickup.
* Planned Osolecence Center
Note: This program will expire immediately after Obamacare's Single-Payer (Government) system kicks in (2013). The Single-Payer plan will accomplish this important function without the need for compensation.
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Jane said...

I started laughing-- then I thought that it is very close to being fact!

My God! What have we done?

Rightwingdog said...


I have read portions of HB 3200 (i have a .pdf of it) and it is one of the most confusing bills of the many I have read. The language in many places leaves wonder of interpretation.

This is funny BUT the threat of OBAMACARE is no joke. It is serious and not only for a senior citizen like me but for everyone.

It must dies like Senator Kennedy did and stay buried. Neither is/was any good.