Thursday, August 6, 2009



Yesterday, the President requested that your friends and neighbors report you to the White Hose if you send emails in opposition to the “Nationalized Healthcare Plan”!

Why expose your friends and neighbors to the pressures of serving as Obama’s “Brown Shirts”?

We should flood the White House computer by carbon copying (C.C.) the President on every such email that you generate or forward. Be certain that you remove all email addresses that were on the forwarded message and use the BCC option to hide the address of everyone but Barack.

The address is:

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Fox Lady said...

I went back to every "healthcare" email that I have generated over the last 3 days and sent them to the White House.

Great idea!

George said...


I have sent 15 emails that turn me in for opposing government run healthcare.

Cecil said...

As have I!

Voice of Reason said...

I am going to send a bunch of emails that say "Obama's health care plan makes sense!" and then forward them to the White House saying, "I *know* that this is a huge lie, so I'm reporting myself."

...and then Obama's KGB is going to come take me away in the middle of the night.