Friday, August 14, 2009

The Gratitude Campaign

Have you passed a man or woman in uniform, or perhaps a group of them, and wanted to express your gratitude for their service, but didn't know how?

Perhaps you were not close enough for a simple, "Thank You!"

A man from Seattle created a gesture which could be used to express your thanks and he has started a movement to get the word out.Please everybody take just a moment to watch, The Gratitude Campaign video below:

Adopt this sign and encourage others to do the same! It is simple way of saying --
"Thank You for your service! We appreciate what you do for all of us!"
May God Bless Them, Each and Very One!
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Tom B. (Maj) said...

Last month, a fellow officer and I travel nearly coast-to-coast as we traveled to Ft. Dix in route to Iraq.

I could never explain the joy we felt as scores of civilians thanked us for our service.

We arrived in Philadelphia after 7 PM and decided to have diner at the airport before catching the shuttle to Dix.

Image our surprise when we asked the waitress for our check and she replied, "A nice gentleman has already paid your bill, and he provided a very nice tip too. A on behalf of the staff, Thank you.".

On behalf of all the men and women that are members of the U.S. Armed Services, we Thank You for your well wishes and prayers.