Monday, September 14, 2009

Huge Rally -- Best Signs

As many of you already know, there was a huge turnout (September 12, 2009) for the "Tea Party" on the Mall in Washington, DC.

The actual number of marchers is any one's guess?

Estimates range from 400,000 to 2,000,000. The Park Police no longer make public statements on the size of crowds at Mall events, but a Park Police official told me that if this was not the biggest event ever, it ranks in the top three. Although the Mall was not quite fully utilized, many thousands were in the streets beyond the Mall. A unique thing about this event is that there were other rallies, in other cities with thousands more protesters. Those who were ask about taking part in protest events, overwhelmingly replied, "never before."

The Park Police official added, "Unlike other Mall events, these visitors took their trash with them when they left."

While the Propagandists (Main Stream Media) are still under reporting, the event, it was a huge success by any standard.

There were only a few hundred people at the counter protest and they had professionally made signs. Most were no doubt paid to be there.

To paraphrase Adm. Yamamoto, Obama, you have awakened a giant, the silent majority!

There were thousands of handmade signs and nearly as many ideas expressed on them.

My three favorites:

We are not Armed
(This time)

Remember why we have the
2nd Amendment?
You are getting
pretty damn close!
is a
Serial Liar
As days go by, there are going to be more and more Americans that wake up to what Obama and company are trying to do to this country.
As one protest sign read:
I voted for Obama.
I'm sorry, very sorry!
There is little doubt that if the 2010 elections were held now, Democrats would lose the House of Representatives and at best maintain a slim majority in the Senate.
Had I made a sign for the march, it might have said:
Not because he is
But because he is a
Marxist Hack!
There is still hope for America!


Mounty said...

I'm a mounted police officer and I work nearly all events on the Mall.

This event was different.

Normal events are well organized and have something to draw everyone to the Mall.

This had the appearance dozens of groups that were not trying to force their way to Mall. There were huge masses of people on side streets and major streets having their own protest.

I was able to pass through several groups only because people tend to make room for a horse.

The crowd was huge but estimates hard to judge because they congregated like normal events.

This event was amazingly peaceful!

Anonymous said...

Not because he is Black;
But because he is a Marxist Hack!

That's great!

It should be our new protest chant!