Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Preposterous Lies!

“Just days ago, Glenn Beck led the Astro-turf 9-12-09 "Taxpayer
March on DC." Compared to the millions who have marched for
civil rights, equal rights, and anti-gay rights, and against the war,
Beck's 70,000 would be small stuff -- except for the tens of
thousands waving Confederate flags, anti-gay hate signs, and
shouting "White Power!"”

That is how, in a recent fundraising letter, the editor and publisher of “The Nation” (a Liberal magazine), Katrina Vanden Heuvel, described the 9/12 protest in Washington. The only part of her statement that was not a lie is that there was a "Taxpayer March on DC" on 9/12.

The official, but off the record, head count places the crowd at over 1.5 million, certainly larger than the 70,000 claimed by Vanden Heuvel.

Only one person was heard to shout “White Power” and that was from one of the union thugs sent to taunt the protesters. No one, including officials, that we have talked with, saw any Confederate flags, anti-gay hate signs, or Swastikas Had there been any of those, you could bet the “Propaganda Media” would have filled your TV screen with it..

Katrina Vanden Heuvel is a Liberal who keeps telling us that we need to be more civil. What she and all other Liberals mean by that is, “Stop objecting to the administrations lies about Health care, Cap and Tax, energy, the stimulus, national defense, and every other issue.

Are Americans really so stupid that they are swayed such obvious and preposterous lies? Many do, and they vote!

And the reason for this fund raiser—
“Students need "well-equipped minds" to stand up to the "increasingly dangerous, racist and radical right wing." That's where the Nation's Student Outreach Program comes in -- with its teaching guides (to help educators counter the influence of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck), the Nation Student Essay Contest and Student Journalism Conferences.”

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Joe said...

I was at the March and saw none of that stuff!

Nor did I hear any "White Power" chabts,.

Anna said...

Why is it that it is only Conservatives that need to be more CIVIL?

To a liberal, I think CIVIL means for the opposition to set down and shut-up!