Saturday, September 26, 2009

"The Story Of Stuff" / Brainwashing

“The Story of Stuff”: Brainwashing Our Children With Lies.

Recently, a video titled “The Story of STUFF” was exposed as something that children, all across this nation are being taught. This video has been in use by American schools for more than two years.

“The Story of STUFF” is billed as a “fast-paced, fact-filled look at the underside of our production and consumption patterns,”

The Story of Stuff makes the case that America’s evil corporations are destroying not only our own country, but the whole world out of greed, and encourages kids to create a more sustainable and just world. The video attacks capitalism, corporations, and the military while advising children that the purpose of government is to take care of "we the people."

The Story of Stuff is a twenty-one minute propaganda film that is filled with gross distortions and outright lies.

One huge lie occurs in the first minute or so of the video when the narrator, Annie Leonard, claims that the United States has less than 4% of its forest left. One, need look no further than the Department of Interior website to learn that the over 1/3 (747 million acres) of the U. S. is forest and that number increases by more than 10,000,000 trees per year. A vast area of what is now the U.S., the great plains for example, has never had forests.

The balance of the video is the same. In fact, you will have to search long and hard to find a single factual statement.

Annie Leonard, the producer/narrator, worked with Greenpeace International and operates from Berkley, California.

America’s children no longer excel in science and math because they are exposed to the left’s propaganda machine instead of being educated.

It is time for the parents to seize control of the school, fire the propagandists, and hire real teachers.

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Lexx said...

I have just lesarned that both of my boys have watched it more than once!

I will be going to school on Monday!

Allen said...

This is scary stuff!

Add the Obama chants in the NJ school and you get the feeling that Mao is runnung things.