Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Very Brief Note Regarding How Vindicated I Feel at the Moment...

I work for a small company, where my immediate boss and I are the only people who even come close to the middle of the political spectrum -- everyone else is to the left of center. Therefore, I usually don't join in office conversations regarding politics but enjoy getting a jab in every now and then. So when a manager was talking to a Super Manager after Teddy's death, I couldn't resist cutting in:

Manager: I was reading earlier that Ted Kennedy is going to be buried in Arlington Cemetary, I guess to be next to his brother.

Me: Really? I think it would be far more appropriate to put his body in a "Clunker" and drop it off a bridge off of Chappaquiddick Island.

Manger: (with great disdain) No comment.

Your average liberal will make ten thousand excuses about the fact that the only reason he wasn't in trouble was because of his last name. "Look at all the other politicians who get special treatment" is their constant refrain. I'll be the first to agree that there are plenty of politicians who get special treatment. But I'm not arguing about a conviction -- I'm just saying that the facts are facts and they don't change -- regardless of whether he was ever charged or convicted. It's a bit like Senator Craig saying, rather hilariously, that he was merely "picking up a piece of toilet paper from the men's bathroom floor." No one believes that, and no one should have believed anything other than that Teddy got drunk, drove off the bridge, and was only worried about saving himself.

So imagine my elation when reading a story by the AP last week, I came across the following quote:

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy wrote in a memoir being published this month that he made terrible decisions after the 1969 car crash that killed Mary Jo Kopechne, but said he was never romantically involved with her and was haunted by that night for his entire life. . . . In it, Kennedy said his actions on Chappaquiddick Island on July 18, 1969, were "inexcusable." He said he was afraid and "made terrible decisions" and had to live with the guilt for more than four decades.

I couldn't be LESS surprised that this was only released after his death. Although it's out of context, I'm going to give Kennedy the benefit of the doubt for once... maybe I'm just one of those biased Kennedy-despisers, but that sounds an awful lot like a confession to me. He could have, much like Senator Craig, continued to deny any wrongdoing. But now I feel like I would like to take this paragraph and staple it to the forehead of every person who ever thought that he did nothing wrong.

(I'm not saying that I like despise him any less than I did when he was alive. Just in case that wasn't clear.)

Obama's comment that Teddy was "the greatest senator of our time" made me giggle. Obama was in the Senate for all of what, four days? (I'm exaggerating, but only slightly.) He has no i dea what they do, so how does he know what would make Teddy the "grestest"????

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pro se said...

You're preaching to the Choir. He was expelled from Harvard, twice, for cheating and was later re-instated and went on to UVA Law. Can you imagine that happening to anyone who wasn't named Kennedy..or perhaps, Gore?

JT said...

Ted Kennedy was a prick!!

Jill said...

BO was trying to use Kennedy to push through his "Seize and Control" Health care plan.

This legislation has the potential to completely transform this country into a Socialist State!

And that is what they intend to do with it!