Wednesday, November 11, 2009

We Honor All That Have Served, The Veteran's

Generations of Valor
Marilyn Ferguson

Of all the lessons in this life
We must remember this
The many men who gave their lives
When war had gone amiss.
A bright young soldier far from home
Tried to find his way
A lanky lad so strong and brave
Gave up his life today.
A young recruit in army gear
Sent out across the sea
Took a bullet to the chest
Died for you and me.
Air Force fighter in the sky
Smoke was all around
Frightened voice cried out for help
Before they shot him down.
Navy sailor dressed in blue
Rides upon the sea
Missile launched, ship went down
Perished in the sea.
Other soldiers, Semper Fi
Came home in distress
Legs were severed, vision gone
Their lives were such a mess.
Many soldiers fought and died
Upon a distant shore
The men who marched on foreign soil
Are heroes of the war.
The nightmares of the ones who live
Can never be erased
In bed at night, they toss and turn
Memories are encased.
Untarnished by the hands of time
The years blend into one
Two soldiers join together
A father and a son.
Their kindred hearts are tightly knit
They share and reminisce
United in a bond of love
When war had gone amiss.
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Juan said...

To ALL men and women who have served this nation, I say thank you and God Bless.

For those that served and did not return, I cry in gratitude.

And let us not forget that their families also sacrificed.

Let us give thanks that this nation has such brave and caring men and women that chose to serve.

Jean said...


RightWingDog said...

Well said...