Sunday, December 6, 2009

Gores “Undeniable Truth” Is An Undeniable HOAX! A LIE! A Fraud!

It has now been confirmed that the only undeniable truth about Al Gores “An Undeniable Truth” is that in is an undeniable HOAX! A LIE! A Fraud!

We now have the E-mails confirming that ‘Global Warming’ scientists created ‘false’ data, manipulated computer models, destroyed data and reports, and conspired to discredit the works of legitimate climate scientists! It would appear that many of these same corrupt scientists also misused public tax dollars!

There was a time when a juicy scandal of this magnitude would have journalists screaming to be assigned to cover it. But that was way back when there were actual journalists. The news is now covered by Obama Ass Kissers (OAK) who are far more interested in pushing propaganda than the truth.

Most of the media outlets have chosen to ignore the issue rather than to attempt to explain it away. The New York Times and some others have taken a phony high ground of ignoring the facts because “they were stolen and not intended for the public to see”.

That is laughable, unless you overlook the fact that the Times celebrated the printing of the names of CIA operatives, during the Cold War? That list resulted in the death of many of those operatives. They are always gleeful over the printing on any military secrets that endanger American troops. The truth is that the E-mails were obtained via the United Kingdom’s “Freedom of Information Act”. They were not "hacked" or "stolen".

Other media found plenty of ink or airtime to cover the infidelity problems plaguing professional golfer Tiger Woods and the two White House party crashers. Yet, they were not at all concerned about pending climate-regulations that could cost Americans trillions of dollars. The investigation of a scandal exposing fraud in global-warming research might cost them a seat on Air Force I or at a news conference. It is so much safer for them to help with the cover-up.

Two major universities have at least temporarily removed prominent academics from heading major climate research facilities, and are conducting investigations.

Considering that either the‘Cap and Trade’ Bill or the ‘Copenhagen Climate Control Treaty’ will destroy the U.S. economy, one would think this to be great news.

Not so fast!

The Marxist in the White House and his 32 America bashing Czars want control over your life and life style. To be certain that the goal of total control is obtained, Obama has directed the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to implement the same draconian regulations on the pretense of protecting us from CO2!

In 2007, the U.S. Supreme Court was duped into ruling that CO2 was a health risk and can be regulated by the EPA. The Courts should bar the EPA from taking any steps with regard to Global Warming or CO2 emissions until the matter has been reevaluated!

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Juan said...

The only man-made gas that is a real threat to any human is the Hot Air emitted by the braying Jackasses on or near Capitol Hill

Fox Lady said...

It seems that for millions of years animals have produced CO2 and Plants have used CO3 and given off Oxygen.

So what the Hell happened?

Did Mother Nature get it all wrong?

I think that what we have is another case of very stupid government types mucking things up!

Keep in mind, this is the same outfit that ran the CASH for clunker program in which each $4000 clunker cost the taxpayers $24,000
Wow a whopping 17% efficentcy.

commoncents said...


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Common Cents

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