Monday, January 11, 2010

Global Warming Continues To Break Records--Brrr!

The headline in Britain’s Daily Express on Wednesday said it all: “Snow Chaos: And They Still Claim It’s Global Warming.”

As many regions of the U.S. battled bone-chilling temperatures and ferocious snowstorms this past week, Britain was also socked with horrendous winter weather.

Great Britain found much of the nation buried in up to 16 inches of Global Warming in the form of snow. The powdery stuff closed schools, shutdown highways, stranded motorists, stopped rail service, and shut down airports, as the country endured its longest cold snap since 1981.
Temperatures at were well below freezing as far south as London.

“British winters are typically mild. Most cities and towns are not equipped to deal with heavy snowfall.

The Daily Express newspaper quoted climate experts as saying “blizzards, ice, and sub-zero temperatures that have gripped the U.K. for almost a month in a record deep freeze are not ‘robust’ indicators of global weather patterns.”

If Britain was an isolated case, that might be true.

However, in the past year, snow fell in Saudi Arabia, the first snow on record.
China had record snow falls. So heavy in fact that the roofs on 100,000 homes collapsed. Australia experienced record snows. Temperatures, in some parts, plunged to 10 degrees. China also experienced its biggest snowstorm in 60 years on Jan. 3, 2009.

Already this year, the east coast of the U.S. has been bathed in record breaking amounts of global warming fall out of the white powdery kind. The Washington D.C. area had snow ranging from 16” to as much as 27”. DC, Maryland, and Virginia have already spent their entire budget for snow removal from streets and highways. Traditionally, snows in that area come in January and February.

This past week, India reported 157 lives and Bangladesh reported 30 lives lost do to extremely cold weather.

AccuWeather, the most accurate meteorological service in the U.S. said in some areas this will be the “coldest winter in many people’s memory.”

Claims about global warming continue despite the fact that the world is reporting record setting low temperatures and snowfalls.

Christopher Booker, author of “The Real Global Warming Disaster,” said, “It is amazing how this scaremongering from climate change lobbyists keeps arising even though they are constantly being proved wrong.
“Last year there was snow in Saudi Arabia and still they persist in saying the temperature is going up.”

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