Thursday, March 18, 2010

Has He Ever Been Caught In A Truth?

Yesterday, I was talked into watching the Brett Baier ‘interview with Barack Hussein Obama on Fox News.

I was pleasantly surprised as Mr. Baier conducted himself as a real journalist. He actually attempted to drive a point in search of an answer.

The standard Obama interview, as conducted on the Government Owned Propaganda Media, begins with Obama bending over so that the host can kiss his ass. Then the host asked a pre-approved question which is used to open the forum so that Obama can give a series of short canned speeches. After the President has finished talking, they repeat the ass kissing—the show is over.

Brett, to his credit tried repeatedly to steer the President toward answering the question. It never worked. Obama spent the entire time spewing his bag of lies and avoiding every question,

Obama did once again display his disdain for the Constitution.

As I watched the interview I was reminded of a principal at an elementary schools that I attended. She would begin every ‘interrogation’ with, “Don’t you let me catch you in a lie.” If Obama had been one of her students she would have worn out her paddle!

I have been listening to Obama for two years now and I have to ask,---Has anyone ever caught Obama in a TRUTH?

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Anonymous said...

I thunk and I thunk...Nope!

Peg100 said...

He can't tell a truth. A truth would choke him to death.

Will E said...

Never have, never will!

The man lies so much that he needs a teleprompter when talking to third graders so that he doesn't slipup and tell the truth,.

Anonymous said...

George Bush jied and people die!

Watch Dog said...

Dear Anonymous,

Try sticking to the fact..