Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why Does He Keep Apologizing?

America has sacrificed both blood and money
in order to save
many nations from the yoke of tyranny.
Most historians would say that those
were among Americas finest hours.
Barrack Hussein Obama believes quite differently!
Barack believes that we deprived all those nations of
the "good life" provided by
Fascism and/or Communism.
This is "Our Great Sin" for which
Obama circles the World apologizing.
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Teresa said...

The Apologizer-in-Chief needs to grow a spine. He is a far leftist ideological naive person that needs to grow up and come to grips with reality- The Exceptionalism of America and the horrors that fascism and communism have caused in the world.

Mic said...

Obama is a Marxist A**Hole!

What needs to be said

Jock said...

I do9 believe that you got it!