Saturday, April 7, 2012

Michael Savage: How Obama Fixed 2012 Election

Posted on April 7, 2012 by Conservative Byte

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JDW said...

I believe that if Obama thinks that he is not going to win the election, he will set loose his brown shirts (Occupiers) to create anarchy, thus giving him an excuse to delay the election or worse!

Jill said...

How about his Department of Injustice declares the election invalid?

Max said...

If Obama wins reelection, there will be an “American Spring”

Unlike the “Arab Springs”, the “American Spring” WILL end with a Democracy!

Anonymous said...

The problem is that there are the naive who think elections can't be rigged/fixed!!!!

Karen McLendon said...

i believe this "Devil's Advocate" is as cold and with out a conscience as any human being can be and still be alive. He only lies when he opens his mouth. It does not surprise me that he has manipulated the poling process. Sold the calculating process to a Spanish company. Once the votes begin to be tabulated they will be so mixed up and undistinguishable -one party from the other. Easily manipulated to appear that Obama has been "elected" by a "land slide" for instance. He must be stopped. Four more years of this fool - he'l completely tear down our rights and freedoms. Worse yet our children and grandchildren will be left with massive debt and no rights. No freedom of speech, no right to bear arms. No freedom from search and seizure - and on and on.

Listen to Michael Savage on YouTube. How Obama fixed 2012 election. Is a real eye opener. May God have mercy on our (once) blessed United States of America.

Karen McLendon