Monday, October 19, 2009

New Scientific Report Confirms, 'Global Warming' Is A Hoax!

A newly released scientific study published by MIT climate scientist Richard Lindzen destroys one of the fundamental underpinnings of global warming theorists.

This study provides another major rebuttal of the 'Global Warming' phony science theory being perpetrated by Al Gore and other 'Hot-air' heads!

The study collected 15-years of long wave radiation measurements from a satellite orbiting the earth. The study correlates the change in the earth’s surface temperature with the change in outgoing long wave radiation. Lindzen’s study shows that as the earth warms, the amount of radiation being bounced-back into outer space actually increases. This is exactly the opposite result that is assumed to occur in the UN climate models. The UN models predict that more radiation is trapped in the earth’s atmosphere as the temperature rises. Lindzen’s findings blow a hole a mile-wide in the arguments used by global warming evangelists.
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George said...

This Congress and this President don't give a shit if it is real or not!

They have found yet another way to insure the destruction of this once great nation and they are not going to pass on the change.

Buck said...

I have checked and found that the administrations propaganda machine (also known as the Mainstream Media) have not mentioned this report!

The Internet has a number of places where it can be confirmed.

If Christ himself told this Congress that Global Warming is a Hoax, they would chose to ignore him!

ALLEN said...

Al Gore is an example of how our capitalistic systme works. Invent a product, work hard to sell it and benefit from the profits. He has been selling his brand of global warming snake oil and has earned over $100 million dollars