Sunday, July 4, 2010

Is This The Final Independence Day?

For the past 234 years, we Americans have celebrated July 4th as our national birthday.

However, we celebrate much more than a simple birthday; we celebrate everything that has made America the greatest nation on Earth.

We celebrate the right to speak freely, without fear of government. We celebrate our right to worship according to our own conscience. We celebrate our right to bear arms in defense of ourselves and our freedoms. We celebrate our right to be secure in our homes. We celebrate our right not to be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process. We celebrate all those rights which are declared in the Declaration of Independence and guaranteed in the Constitution.

It is these rights that make America unique among nations. We call this uniqueness, American exceptionalism.

America is something special. We are a shining beacon of light throughout the world and throughout the annals of history. We are the exception, not the rule.

President Obama doesn’t believe in American exceptionalism and he has said so many times. Barack is on video, telling a foreign audience in Greece in 2009 that America is only exceptional in the same way that Brits think Great Britain is exceptional, or the Greeks think that Greece is exceptional.

Obama does not believe that it is our freedom that has brought us wealth and prosperity. Obama, instead, believes that we stole everything from lesser nations.

President Obama is wrong!

Since assuming office, Obama has been working at “fundamentally transforming” our nation.

Obama is leading a government takeover of our free-market economy, including the best health care system in the world. He is trying to give 20 million illegal immigrants the right to vote. It matters not that these illegal immigrants who have no interest in becoming Americans, or in pledging their loyalty to this exceptional nation. Obama is trying to silence all of us that oppose his agenda, and he is attempting to muzzle those few media outlets that tell the truth.

Obama is also packing our Federal courts, including the Supreme Court, with people who will rubber-stamp his agenda, claiming that it is consistent with the Constitution.

Today, July 4, 2010, we celebrate our Independence Day. We celebrate our freedom from oppressive government and our commitment to individual freedom. If Obama has his way, it may be the last time we celebrate our ‘Exceptionalism’. The Obama Regime violates our Constitution daily. The regime is nibbling away at our freedoms.

Every ‘CRISIS’ goes unresolved so that the Regime can make claims that we need to forfeit our freedoms to resolve the issues.

On July 4, 1776, fifty-six of our founding fathers pledged their life, liberty, and all worldly goods, in the hope of a new beginning.

By the grace of God, they succeeded, giving birth to the freest, safest, and most prosperous nation in the history world.

That nation, now entrusted to us, is on the brink of destruction!

Are we willing to do whatever is necessary to save America?

I pray, we are willing to fight in any manner that is necessary to restore and save this “Nation Under God”!

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Teresa said...

Excellent Post! Obama is working to destroy America and we must be willing to fight back and defend America, the most exceptional nation on earth - the land of the free and the home of the brave.

God Bless America!

Happy Independence Day!

JDW said...

I believe that this coming November election will be our last hope of saving America via the ballad box.

If we fail to elect a Congress that will stop Obama, all is lost.

After that we will need to excercise the 2nd Amendment.