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Patriotic Backlash In America?

By Idaho Conservative Blogger (ICB)

When did it become fashionable in America to be anti Patriotic? 

Maybe I missed the memo but anti American attitudes seem to be rampant.

President Obama’s apology world tour has not helped. In 2009 in less than 100 days Obama apologized for what he believes the sins of America on three continents.
Obama told the French that America "has shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive" toward Europe.

In Prague, he said America has "a moral responsibility to act" on arms control because only the U.S. had "used a nuclear weapon."

In London, he said that decisions about the world financial system were no longer made by "just Roosevelt and Churchill sitting in a room with a brandy"

And in Latin America, he said the U.S. had not "pursued and sustained engagement with our neighbors" because we "failed to see that our own progress is tied directly to progress throughout the Americas."

Karl Rove wrote in the Wall Street Journal of Obama’s apology tour, “There is something ungracious in Mr. Obama criticizing his predecessors, including most recently John F. Kennedy. ("I'm grateful that President [Daniel] Ortega did not blame me for things that happened when I was three months old," Mr. Obama said after the Nicaraguan delivered a 52-minute anti-American tirade that touched on the Bay of Pigs.) Mr. Obama acts as if no past president -- except maybe Abraham Lincoln -- possesses his wisdom.

Mr. Obama was asked in Europe if he believes in American exceptionalism. He said he did -- in the same way that "the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks in Greek exceptionalism." That's another way of saying, "No."

It should come as no surprise President Obama said on Friday that he supports the construction of a mosque near Ground Zero in New York, saying that opposing the project is at odds with American values. "Let me be clear: as a citizen, and as President, I believe that Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as anyone else in this country."

No shock there since Obama has also said he does not believe America is a Christian Nation. There are 100s of Mosques in NY and no one is saying they should not have a mosque, Just not in the vicinity of Ground Zero. Again as is becoming a habit of this president, he is on the opposite side of how most Americans feel.

Last month the President insulted the Boy Scouts of America by skipping their 100th anniversary celebration for an appearance on “The View”. My gosh, is there a more patriotic youth group in America than the Boy Scouts? I think not. It seems the President and many Democrats are more concerned about their party’s enemies than what most Americans want or support. The mosque, Arizona lawsuit, and National Healthcare are just a few examples.

On June 25th a group of Students at the Lincoln Memorial were ordered by a security guard to stop singing National Anthem.

“They told them to stop singing,” said Evan Gassman, a spokesman for the Young America’s Foundation. “I was taken aback. You wouldn’t expect a display of national patriotism to be censored.

U.S. Park Police confirmed that the students were in violation of federal law and their impromptu performance constituted a demonstration in an area that must remain “completely content neutral.” Are you kidding me? Lincoln must have been turning over in his grave.

How about the despicable Rev. Fred Phelps, founder of Westboro Baptist church in Kansas. He contends that American soldiers are being killed in Iraq as vengeance from God for protecting a country that harbors gays. He and his followers have been holding protests at the funerals of American soldiers with signs that read, “God hates you” And other tasteless messages.

In Hyrum, UT this year A Mexican flag was unfurled and flown during the entire 4th of July parade. Hyrum Councilwoman Stephanie Miller, who was in charge of coordinating the city’s Independence Day activities, noted the prayer was delivered in Spanish and translated in English. So, let me get this straight, during this year’s celebration of American independence in Hyrum Utah the Councilwoman thought it appropriate that the prayer be given in Spanish and translated in English? Another City Councilman made this statement, “If people aren’t happy with the City Council because of a prayer that was given or because somebody flew a flag that wasn’t supposed to in a parade, I guess they have their opportunity to vote us out.” What has become of our America? This, my friends is why your vote matters and shows that elections have consequences at all levels. Don’t think something like this can’t happen in your town.

I find it interesting that many illegal Mexican immigrants in the United States are still proud of their home country, despite the high crime, high poverty, and the endless corruption and tyranny. They still wave the Mexico flag at sporting events, protests, and political demonstrations, but Many Americans are hesitant to even fly or wave the American flag.

You might remember Cindy Sheehan, whose son was tragically killed defending this country. The left rallied around her after she said, “...before my son was killed, I would have taken him to Canada. I would never have let him go and try and defend this morally repugnant system we have."

Mona Charen wrote a great piece back in 2003 that still reins true today,

"Now they carry signs saying "No Blood for Oil" and "Make Tea not War." Jesse Jackson is there, and the celebrity list now also includes Susan Sarandon and Jeanine Garafalo. But the blindness and moral obtuseness remains exactly what it always was. It does not seem to matter whether the United States is thwarting the "evil empire" or the Islamofascists and their enablers -- the left's default mode is always to protest against us. "

It isn't that these demonstrators love peace more than the majorities of people in the free world who support George Bush and the war on terror. It's that they value freedom and democracy less. Their jaundiced view is that the United States has given the world only pollution, low-skilled jobs and crass commercialism. If their policies had prevailed during the Cold War, the Soviet Union would be in business today. And if their policies prevail in this latest war, we must all prepare to don burkas and grow beards.

Author Tom Clancy got it right back in 2003 when he said,

"In a very real sense, the reason September eleven of '01 happened is because right behind me about five blocks the Frank Church committee hearings in the early 1970's and the Carter administration later in the 1970's largely destroyed the CIA's operations directorate."

Neal Boortz agreed with Clancy when he said,

"Actually you can trace our failures in stopping global terror all the way back to Jimmy Carter and Democratic Senator Frank Church."

David Horwitz said, in a column titled, “The Party of Sabotage”

"This is the final destructive legacy of the narcissistic and feckless leadership of Carter, Clinton and Gore. It is they who set the bad example in the first place. And it is they who have never really shed the McGovern delusion that in the final analysis America is the root cause of all the root causes that inspire our enemies to attack us."

I would agree with Horwitz, and now we can add that Obama is picking up were Carter, Clinton, and Gore left off and the Democratic left and the media continues to feed the flame to American’s who have grown up listening to the blame America first crowd.

Last year President Obama’s former Reverend, Jeremiah Wright said,

“You state up front that your starting point is, quote, "No nonsense Marxism," unquote; but you dispel all the negative images we have been programmed to conjure up with just the mention of that word socialism or Marxism... in this land, the land of the greed and the home of the brave -- excuse me -- the land of the greed and home of the slave....”

The fact is self-criticism is much more effective than criticism from afar and it works to tear down this county. Most American’s don’t pay much attention when Fidel Castro or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speak poorly of our country because they are not comfortable being on the same side as tyrants, but when President Obama, Al Gore, Michael Moore, or the left media slam the U.S. it sounds much better and it’s easier to swallow the Kool-Aid. They have made it respectable for American’s to be Anti-American. It is sad, many Americans see this country as simply where they live and work and American Patriotism is embarrassing.

It’s time for Patriotic Americans to stand up and be counted. Standing by and hoping for the best is how we got into this mess. Elections have consequences at all levels and you need to be heard through your votes, talking with your friends and energizing the base. This need not be a Left, Right, Democrat, or Republican issue. This is an American issue. Stand up and say, no Mr President, we are not embarrassed by the history of our country. We are proud and we are taking it back. America is the beacon on the hill, we are what most of the world wishes they could be, we are still the greatest most generous people on earth and in November you will witness the mandate, We are a center RIGHT country and you, President Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi are wrong and were not going to take it anymore.

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Why would you expect to find Patriotism when our schools have been teaching our kids that America is evil?