Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Here We Go Again!

It has been less than a month since the mid-term elections and there are already signs emanating from Washington that the ruling class is still firmly in control. It appears that the leadership of both parties is oblivious to the message sent by the people on November 2.

Admittedly, those now in session are not the newly elected 112th Congress. However, the leadership is the same.

Eight Republican Senators "broke with their leadership" and voted against a GOP-proposed mandatory ban on earmarks. The proposal was defeated by a 56-39 vote. Seven Democrats voted to ban these lawmaker-directed funds.

Fifteen Republican Senators voted with the Democrats for passage of S. 510, the "FDA Food Safety Modernization Act". S.510 is best described as a "power grab" that will grow government, increase food prices, and drive small producers out of business without making our food any safer. Statistics show that America has the safest food supply in the world - and that it getting safer! S.510 replaces common sense with the heavy hand of government."

Early yesterday, Congressional leaders met with President Obama regarding the Bush-era tax rates set to expire in January.

Obama’s take on the “Historical Landslide Election” is that the voters want bipartisan cooperation to pass the rest of the Obama agenda. Will someone please staple Obama’s ears to his ass so that he can never again pull his head out?

The Republican headship(?) left the meeting talking about future “Cooperation”!


The voters have spoken! They voted against the Obama agenda and the heavy handed way in which the Democrats totally ignored the desires of the citizen’s and forced “Obamacare” down our throats! Most Americans do not want to be forced down the path to socialism. They voted to STOP the Obama agenda and to rollback “Obamacare”.

Democrats have had near absolute control of both Houses of Congress since 2006. During that time they have wrecked the economy and bankrupted the nation. On November 2nd, the voters fired them!

If the Republican leadership fails in that mission, they won’t be around for the 113th Congrss and America will be forever lost to Socialism.

If this Congress fails, only an armed revolution can restore democracy!

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Fox Lady said...

Have these so called leaders already forgotten what Obama and clan had to say when they took office?

Remember when they told us that they won and they get to do it their way?

Have they forgotten how Pelosi had the locks changed and barred the Republicans from all discussions?

Do these guys and gals have their ears stapled to their own asses?

One gets that impression!

God help us all!

Sara B said...

I love it!