Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Gun: Cold Truths about Cold Steel

 By R.G. Yoho
Whipped into a terrorized frenzy by gun-banning politicians, and a pliable media that generally salivates to do their bidding, some Americans have developed an irrational contempt for gun owners and their firearms.

Many of these victims of mass media hysteria have come to fear the gun, like a firearm is some kind of an evil, dangerous creature, determined to take the lives of all in its presence.

However, a gun is merely a harmless, inanimate object. Unlike a politician or reporter, a firearm conceals no secret motives. It holds no agenda. Moreover, a gun can neither offer you harm nor protection.

It is only when that gun is picked up, only then does it take on the power to destroy or defend.

If you placed a loaded gun on the kitchen table in your house, and nobody was to touch the gun or set fire to your house, that gun would do harm to absolutely nobody. You could leave it there for years. It would take no lives. It couldn’t maim or injure.

It wouldn’t break into your house in the middle of the night. The gun wouldn’t sneak up your staircase and threaten to harm your children. It would offer no threat to your spouse.

If left to itself, the gun is entirely harmless.

It has been said that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

When it comes to a firearm, its duty is in the eye of the holder.

A gun in the hand of a patriot has won our nation independence from tyranny. A firearm in the hand of a police officer has prevented a citizen from being robbed or assaulted. A rifle in the hands of a soldier has ended the evils of the Holocaust. A pistol in the hand of responsible citizen has secured a home or caused a potential rapist to flee.

However, a gun doesn’t need to be placed in the hands of diseased minds or evil souls, because these individuals already have them. They will always possess them.

These animals have no regard for additional gun laws. They do not respect the police. They care nothing about the good of society. And they will always have the means and intent to use these weapons to take what doesn’t belong to them or to needlessly inflict harm on others.

But the meek will inherit nothing when they are weak. There is only one way the evil heart that intends to use the gun for evil purposes can be thwarted.

These depraved individuals with guns will only be stopped by good men with guns.

That is how it’s always been. That’s how it always will be.

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