Thursday, February 10, 2011

The EPA: Public Enemy #1

The Obama administration has been unsuccessful at getting the Congress to aid and abet them in committing economic suicide by passing “Cap and Trade” and other Carbon regulating laws.
This administration, not about to be hamstrung by constitutional checks and balances, is making an end-run around Congress and using the EPA to do its dirty work.

Economists, on both sides of the issue admit that regulations currently being drawn up by the EPA are going to cost jobs and drive-up the cost of nearly everything that we purchase. The only difference, between the two sides, is how much?

The administrations statements tell us that we will see gasoline at somewhere around $8 per gallon, the cost of electricity will more than double, the cost of food may more than double, and tens of thousands of jobs will be lost!

Obama and crew are of course painting a “BEST” case scenario for us. The truth will be much worse.

In addition, these new regulations will prevent job creation and economic recovery.

On January 7, 2011, the EPA took its first step toward Carbon regulation when they went after their first target, Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ). What was LDEQ’s great sin? They had approved the construction of a new steel mill by NICOR Steel in St. James Parish, La. As a condition of the approval LDEQ had required NICOR to use” good combustion practices” to control Greenhouse Emissions!

The EPA objected because NICOR had not been required to implement “Carbon Capture and Store” technology; a technology which is not commercially available.

This single action is preventing the generation of hundreds immediate jobs and is preventing 10’s if not 100’s of millions of dollars in economic growth in La and the nation.

The GOP in both Houses of Congress are introducing legislation aimed at reeling in the EPA, but these bills will be of no consequence as they will not pass in the Democrat controlled Senate.; even if they did pass in both Houses, the White House would veto them.

So what can Congress do? The simple answer is for the House to cut the budget for the EPA!

What? You say. That will take too long and the damage will be done!

Fortunately, the failure of the last Congress to enact a budget (they extended the old one until March 4, 2011) has opened a window of opportunity.

The House needs to slash EPA funding in the new budget and if necessary fight the fight required to enforce those cuts even if it means shutting the government down.

Historically, the GOP has allowed itself to be intimidated by the EPA. In 1995, with Newt Gingrich at the helm, the House made an effort to reform the EPA but that effort collapsed under pressure generated by Carol Browner and friends.

Obama and his EPA are coming after each and everyone of us. They are all about us losing our jobs and our standard of living.

The big question is, are John Boehner and his supporting cast up to the task?

If not, we are doomed to a third world status at best.

Contact your Senators and Representatives and let them know that you want the EPA reined in.

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Prof. Andrews said...

The EPA was chartered to protect the environment as was justified by scientific data, and common sense practices.

It did not take long for ideologues rather than Scientists to gain control of the agency.

For many years now, the work of the EPA has had little or nothing to do with actual science and so it is with ‘Carbon Emissions’.

Jerry70 said...

I recently heard Joe Biden state that thousands of people were going to from Coal Fumes if we do stop the burning of coal!

By brother,sister and I grew up in Pittsburg during a time when the air formed a huge yellow dome over the city as a result of coke ovens and steel mills burning coal. We heated our home with coal.

There were not hundreds of people dying from the coal fumes.

Perhaps we were not educated well enough to know that we were supposed to die.

Or perhaps, the Obama boys are trying to give a reason for screwing the nation.

I suspect the latter!

RusTee said...

The EPA has set new standards on water plants. They claim the drinking water is causing Autism.

Trouble is that no study supports this move. EPA cannot produce any data supporting this issue.

In addition, they are proposing regulations that will require farmers to treat milk spills the same as a crude oil spill. They will be required to build and train an Emergency Response Team as well as have in place an "Approved" Emergency Plan.

Are you prepared to pay $10 to $15 per gallon of milk?

Congress has to get the EPA under control or destroy it!

Anonymous said...

This is so stupid.