Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Meghan McCain Clueless

by Idaho Conservative Blogger
For the life of me I don’t understand why Meghan McCain appears on television and radio as a pundit. I take it back, I know why the Liberal channels invite her on, She trashes Republicans.

True to form last week on MSNBC speaking about Michele Bachmann’s Tea Party Express response to TSOU McCain said, "I think it's important to note that Michele Bachmann is not a leader, She is not a leader of the Republican Party. Michele Bachmann in my opinion is no better than a poor man's Sarah Palin." McCain said CNN should be “ashamed” for running Bachmann’s response.

Sarah Palin responded on Fox news by saying, "I love it when anybody goes rogue for the right reasons," saying Bachmann's points on Obama were "conservative, common-sense messages."

Bill O’Reilly asked Laura Ingraham about it who said, “Are you serious? The only reason Meghan McCain is getting any traction...is because of her last name. Meghan McCain? Maybe she's a poor man's Ron Reagan. [Ron Reagan is Ronald Reagan's son.] I don't even know what Meghan McCain stands for. The last time I heard her I think she was talking about her tattoos."

McCain and Ingraham have sparred words before. In 2009 Ingraham called McCain "plus-sized" prompting McCain to say Ingraham could “Kiss my fat ass.” Ingraham countered by saying McCain is a “useful idiot” for liberal media.

McCain released a statement this week saying, "Pundits" going on Bill O'Reilly commenting on my body and tattoos are threatened by who and what I represent in politics.” She said, “I love people that tell me “I’m doing damage to the GOP”, yeah cause Donald Rumsfeld, Karl Rove, Sen. Ensign, Gov Sanford and the entire Bush administration have nothing to do with the GOP’s problems, no…it’s my 5″1 ass in a pushup bra thats the real problem with the GOP…”

Okay, I didn’t know there were pushup bras for asses, but I digress.

This is the same Meggie McCain who said, "Joe the Plumber -- you can quote me -- is a dumbass. He should stick to plumbing."

McCain released a book recently titled, Dirty Sexy Politics. She writes that in the run-up to the New Hampshire primary that she stole a bunch of Mitt Romney yard signs and stuffed them in the trunk of her car. Fearing that she had been spotted, she rushed back to the local McCain campaign and talked her mom’s hairstylist, Piper Baker, into taking the rap.

Nothing like taking responsibility for doing wrong, or was it just that she feared being caught not for what she had done.

There was another moment she says on the day of John McCain’s acceptance speech at the GOP convention she went into the campaign stylist and makeup room looking for assistance “controlling” her hair. She walked in and felt “Irrelevant” because everybody was helping Sarah Palin’s children. She ended up having to do her own hair.

She says, “I realize that it’s ironic that this book tells the story of my own struggle to get my act together. But, it is one of the bizarre realities of life that you can be a mess yourself but still see so clearly what is wrong with others.”

Isn’t always the most screwed up who are the quickest to point out others faults?

She recalls in her book, “The worst hotel that I remember was in Iowa as well — a hotel so bleak, and so do-it-yourself, that my dad had to help us haul our big suitcases up two flights of stairs to our room. Out in the hallway, there was an ancient vending machine with cans of coke that looked twenty years old. Our room was so terrible, there wasn’t even a closet, just a bar on the wall where you could hang your clothes, but the hangers were soldered onto that bar, so nobody could steal them. The lightbulb in the bathroom was just that — a bare lightbulb and a chain. Who says politics is glamorous?”

She seems to be in denial about being fired from her Dad’s campaign, when you’re told not to come back that means you’re fired. She says, “I was asked to leave and not come back or go on my own bus tour.” Not wanting to give up her spotlight she chose to tour on her own. “I could lead as many tours of the bus as I wanted, play any music I liked, sing as loudly as possible, and express myself as colorfully as I could.”

Yes, because this self-chosen task was about what you wanted not the message you were to carry for the McCain/Palin campaign.

“My roommates and I had lots of jokes about the Romneys, who seemed doomed to join the campaign any second. They were all so handsome in a tooth-whitener commercial kind of way, and so seriously wholesome. We wondered whether the Five Brothers, the nickname for the Romney sons, could handle the constant drinking and swearing that went on in our campaign — the press corps included. Not to mention all the tawdry stories about crazy-sex that you never read about.”

“Like all humor, my jokes about Romney shielded something very real. It wasn’t so much that I disapproved of the Romneys. I worried they’d disapprove of me — my bleached hair, my swearing, my ‘edgy’ clothes, not to mention my gay friends. Would they accept me or scorn me as some kind of closet liberal who didn’t fit in?”

Complaining about Palin, “I longed for a simpler scene and a simpler running mate; a straight ahead and experienced politician like good, old Joe Lieberman, who always kept it real and didn’t make himself the center of drama or chaos”

It appears to me the biggest Drama queen was Meghan McCain.

She says, “I have to wonder, if Reagan and Goldwater were alive today and could see where their party has gone in the last decade, what they would think. Somehow the walls closed in. The conservative movement seems hell-bent on constricting our freedoms rather than expanding them. The base has moved to the Far Right and, sadly, it seems to be dying there.”

My goodness, McCain seems to be the Paris Hilton of politics. Famous for her family name, not for anything she had done. She is a spoiled, self-absorbed, conceded, narcissist. Throughout her book and every time she speaks it’s all about her, me me me. Quite frankly I’m not buying that McCain is saying or representing what young Republicans today feel or think. Meggie McCain is simply clueless.



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Mimi said...

Unfortunately, Meghan McCain takes to much after her father and too little after her very refined mother.

Alice34 said...

Like Ron Reagan, Meghan McCain is a Potty Mouth!

LOL said...

Every tree has a bad apple now and them.

The nice thing about the bad apple is that it does not speak.

But Mr. McCain is not a very good conservative either!

Jump N Jac said...

Stupidity runs in the family!