Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy Birthday America--July 4, 1776 - 2011

On July 4th, the United States of Americas will celebrate her 235th Birthday!

Will it be her last?

Or perhaps the beginning of the end and she will suffer a slow agonizing death.

There is little doubt that she is in intensive care! She is dying because her life blood, her citizens, all of us have been complacent, we have allowed ourselves to be misled by our internal enemies. We have allowed our schools to become propaganda mills for the left where they undermine America. We have allowed our media to become shills for the left. We have allowed many of our churches to be high jacked by the left. We have allowed Socialist/Marxist to take over our federal government and use our tax dollars to buy our votes. We have stood by while our federal government has imported millions of illegal aliens (sorry- undocumented workers) who are voting in our elections.

What are we going to do? Are we going to try (and at this point trying may be all that is left) to save her? The next election will tell the tale!

If Obama is reelected you might as well pull the plug.

If the House fails to stand strong on the raising of the debt limit—the next election may well be too late!

In the hope that we can encourage some much needed patriotism we present two beautiful birthday cards. We hope that you enjoy them and then take an oath to do what you can to save what has been the greatest and most generous nation on earth

We do not want the next card to be an expression of Sympathy   -- WD

Card 1                       Card 2
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Mae said...

I suspect that you are right, but I pray that you are wrong!

I like both cards.

Jean27 said...

Sad, how far we have fallen in the past 40-59 years.

My son's school has been trashing America forever.

Mike said...

A local soldier died yesterday in Afghanistan.

I appreciated your card

I hope you are wrong, but fear greatly you are right on the money.

I'm seeing some good people put their hats in for the election, I hope they keep on task, and don't get distracted with attacks that only diffuse the anger we all feel.

Rep. aren't the only angry ones. said...

You're all retarded. Go back to watching Fox News or actually go out and try to make a difference instead of spewing nonsense backed without a single fact. America isn't being ruined by the politicians. It's being ruined by ignorant people like the ones I see here. Go to school, get an education, and stop repeating everything Fox News tells you.

MAE said...

You seem to have education confused with brainwashing.

Education is knowledge that is real and not a consensus of opinion like manmade global warming.

Brainwashing is what you are suffering from. You get that from public schools, CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, and Obama’s speeches.

For your information, I hold the following degrees: 3-BS, 3-MS, and a PHD. I was educated before the Liberals took over. I have taught in 2 universities, and a community college.

I spend nearly 50 years working as an Engineer/Scientist.

As a regular reader of Mindless & Spineless, I can tell you that WD does rely on facts.

With careful research you too will find the truth!