Thursday, July 14, 2011

Is Mitch McConnell Crazy, Or What?

As usual, I started the day by checking the accumulated E-mails.

The first message was from a friend and fellow blogger who had written in very large bold letters, “Is Mitch McConnell Crazy, Or What?

She was referring to the Senate minority leader’s latest attempt to bow to Democrat demands on the debt ceiling limits.

McConnell suggested that the President should be given the power to raise the debt level without Congressional approval.

Isn’t that the type of thinking that allowed us to get into this financial mess?

There is no Constitutional requirement for a debt limit. It was a legislative decision, and in this writers opinion, a very good idea.

A balanced budget amendment would eliminate the need setting a debt limit; It would be automatically set by the growth or decline of the economy with the acceptation of requiring a super majority of both house of Congress during times of war. But we do not have a balanced budget amendment and it will take 4-6 years to enact one!

Democrats control the Executive and one-half of the Legislative branches of government. However, the Constitution requires that spending bills originate in the House of Representatives which Republicans control. This is a very powerful tool which gives the Republicans control over taxing and spending.

And this is a power that McConnell has suggested that we cede to the president. So the question, is the Senator a big in the closet spender, or a coward, or crazy. He says that he fears that Republicans will be blamed if the nation defaults on its credit.

First it should be known to all, in spite of Obama’s lies, the nation WILL NOT default if the spending cap is not raised. The monthly U.S. income exceeds $200 Billion. Less than $30 billion is required to service the debt. That leaves plenty of money to cover Social Security, military payroll, veterans’ care, border patrol and much more. At present, who does or doesn’t  get paid is determined my Obama!

Mitch McConnell is suggesting that we give the only control that we have to the president.

McConnell is a COWARD!  He fears being blamed for a default.  Of course, if he and other Republicans cave on new taxes, they be blamed too.  He is correct, the media (propaganda mill) will blame the Republicans. If you are going to have to fight the propaganda branch of the Dumbo Party, won’t it be better to be defending a 'save America vote'?

Mitch McConnell’s suggestions have been absolutely wrong.

McConnell needs to be replaced as Minority Leader.

Several Jr. Senators have shown far more leadership! -- WD

Note:  My sources tell me that the Republicans are introducing a bill in both Houses that will require that the President pay the nations debts as follows:
1. Service the debt
2. Social Security
3. Military Payroll
4. Border Patrol and other Security Agencies

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Tracy said...

I agree!

And as I see it, John Boehner has two strikes on him.

If Boehner has so much as a wiggle towards a tax increase, he needs to go also.

Alexi said...

There is little doubt that the GOP needs leadership!

Tess said...

I enjoyed both parts.

JDW said...

The BASTARD sold-out today!

He is backing a deal to give Obama another 2 trillion in new taxes.

His days as a politician have to be ended.

What a prick!