Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Williston, ND -- Where Free Enterprise Is At Work!

Free Enterprise, that's right, good old reliable capitalism is at work in Williston, ND and things are BOOMING!

They are creating that three letter word, JOBS, JOBS, JOBS, by the score

No stimulus needed!

Obama, thus far, has not been able to muck it up!  However, he has the EPA hard at work trying to find away to shut it down.

After all, Obama and his fellow liars have been telling Americans that there is no oil to drill!

Commebnts are invited!
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Ken said...

Hey, I can keep driving my SUV!

Roge said...

If the EPA keeps shutting down the refineries, we will have to ship it off-shore (export it) so that we can refine it!

All those Dumb asses in Washington!

Freda said...

You won't see this in the Propaganda Mill (sometimes mistakenly call main stream media)

Anonymous said...

No Oil?


Oil, Gas, and Coal are 1000 yimes better than wind and solar power.

Anonymous said...
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