Monday, September 5, 2011

Yet Another Attack On The "Tea Party"

The “Tea Party” movement is only two years old, but it is proving to be the dominant political force in the nation. It is a force which cannot be ignored by the left.

That means that the Left has to do all they can to discredit the movement!  Another group of Socialist  volunteers has stepped up to the plate.

This weekend the American Political Science Association has gathered in Seattle for their annual convention where several professors have presented papers which argue that tea party members are more likely to harbor racial hostility. These arguments are alleged to be based on answers to a pre-election survey administered in 2010.

What became eminently clear is that, it is the professors that are demonstrating a bias. Most of them appear to have obtained there PHD’s from Headnrectum University where the methodology which they teach is to arrive at a conclusion, and then mold the “data” to support the conclusion. That’s the same ‘science’ that has given birth to the hoax of global warming!

Some excerpts from the papers presented:

“Tea party supporters were substantially more likely than other voters to question how much effort black Americans are making to advance themselves, versus being held back by social factors.”
-- Alan L. Abramowitz, Emory U.

“Tea Party activists have denied accusations that their movement is racist, and there is nothing intrinsically racist about opposing ‘big government’ or clean-energy legislation or health care reform. But it is clear that the movement is more appealing to people who are unsympathetic to blacks and who prefer a harder line on illegal immigration than it is to other Americans.” -- Gary C. Jacobson, U. California San Diego

“Tea Party supporters displayed high levels of racial resentment and held very negative opinions about President Obama as compared with the rest of the public and even other Republicans.”
--Alan L. Abramowitz, Emory U.

Common themes among the papers included the argument that “Tea Party” members demonstrate that they are racists by their dislike of Obama.

Apparently these academics do not see Obama’s shredding of the Constitution, his runaway spending, his failure to perform, his constant lying, and his hatred of Capitalism as legitimate grounds to dislike hum.

Among the “Tea Party” member’s other faults, were –

-They tend to be ‘Evangelical’, believe in capitalism, support the Constitution, support the profiling of criminals, and, oh my God, they support absolute FREE speech.

-Tea Party members are opposed to “Illegal Emigration”. (While none of the reports clearly said so, but it probably includes the objection to “Illegal Emigrants” voting)

-Tea Party members have this nasty tendency to support treating terrorists as war criminals who are not entitled to U.S. Constitutional protections for acts performed outside the U.S.

While the Watch Dog is not a member of Tea Party, I do support what the Tea Party stands for.

The Tea Party is, in this writer’s opinion, providing the only leadership that can save this once great nation from slipping forever into the abyss of socialism!

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Will E said...

Tea Party sounds pretty good to me!

Fox Lady said...

It seems strange that a movement with just two objectives, return to Constitutional Government, and reducing the size of Government can be so maligned!

Jill said...

Yesterday, Obama’s Union thugs, the Teamsters, openly threatened the Tea Party members with violence.

Now just who is it that is evil?