Saturday, October 29, 2011

Regime: NO! People: YES! On 2nd Amendment

All of you that pay attention to such things know that the Obama Regime has been attacking the Second Amendment from day one.

Obama selected an Attorney General, Eric Holder, who is venomously opposed to the private ownership of any firearms. Holder is also very bitter over his loss before the U.S. Supreme Court in the “District of Columbia v. Hiller” case in which the Court ruled that the 2nd Amendment phrase, “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed” means that individual citizens cannot be denied the right to own and keep arms.

The Court later confirmed that it also applies to every city and state when they struck down Chicago’s gun ban. Note: DC is still not in full compliance with the ruling. Chicago has done very little to comply with the ruling)

There have been and continues to be a flurry of executive orders directed at limiting the private ownership of specific classes of guns and also guns in general.  Most of these Executive orders violate the 'Enumerated Powers' as are enumerated in the Constitution.

One recent fiat is a “regulation” that bans the ownership/purchase of firearms by a user of a controlled substance. Note that it does not state ‘illegal substance’.  As of now the only substances which the regulation is being applied to are ‘illegal drugs’ specifically, ‘marijuana’, and that includes ‘medical marijuana’ which is prescribed by a doctor.

This at first, seems to be a benign regulation, but there is no evidence to indicate that marijuana contributes to homicides or firearm accidents.  However, once the public accepts the policy, they will broaden the enforcement to deny ownership to users of other controlled substances such as Percocet, Vicodin, or perhaps, even Blood Pressure medications.

This President wants to void the 2nd Amendment via International Treaty(s) ranging from CIFTA to the UN Small Arms Treaty.

Obama has also appointed two staunchly anti-gun judges to the Supreme Court.

Most recently, the Administration has been caught in a case that would, if we had an honest media, make “Watergate” look like a game of tag. In what is known as “Operation Fast and Furious”, the BATFE took part in the illegal purchase and transfer of at least 2000 firearms ranging AK-47’s to .50 Caliber Sniper Rifles to Mexican drug cartels. At least two of those weapons have bend used to kill U.S. agents.

Why was this done?

The regime was desperate to generate data in support of their false claims "that most of the drug cartel weapons come from the U.S."  The administration has reported that 80% of cartel weapons come from the U.S., but the facts show that less than 10% were obtained in the U.S.  The Obama Regime wanted to generate a backlash against what Obama and Holder see as “lax U.S. gun laws”.  You can bet the farm that both Obama and Holder knew of, and at a minimum, gave the stamp of approval to the commission of this crime.

While Obama has been the most anti 2nd Amendment President in history, his actions have generated a pro gun attitude among the voters. His election generated more gun and ammunition sales than any other event in history. Sales of both guns and ammo continue to be strong.

The good news is that, according to a Gallup poll that was released this week, many of the firearms that have been flying off the shelves in the past two+ years were purchased by Democrats and women.

Gallup found the number of Democrats willing to admit to having a sidearm jumped 8 points from 32 percent to 40 percent.  After Mr. Obama’s inauguration, the number of armed women has grown by 10 points to 43 percent.

Nearly 75% of respondents to the poll opposed handgun bans – that is an all-time high

Gallup reports Democrats who own guns now outnumber the Liberals who want to ban them.

Contrary to Democrat propaganda, crime has not soared with the expiration of the Clinton-era ban on some semiautomatic rifles, nor with the over turning of either the DC or Chicago gun bans.

Violent crime has declined as the number of armed citizens has risen.

All of which proves that the anti-Second Amendment Liberals have been lying to us.

Crime cannot be prevented by enacting laws that only restrict what the law-abiding can do.

As this truth sinks in, more gun grabbers will be converted into gun owners.

The Second Amendment has truly gone mainstream.

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Fox Lady said...

The Courts rulings on DC and Chicago are yet more laws which Justice and the White House have choosen not to enforce.

Which makes us a lawless nation!

JDW said...

They have taken the schools,

they have taken control ofr the media,

they have rigged elections,

they are in the process of wrecking the economy,

they are in the process of disarming us,

God help us if they get our guns!

Jill said...

y two roommates and I were anti-gun, female, and Liberals. We also worked in DC.

My roommates were both assaulted by gun toting thugs in DC.
We now live and work in Virginia, just across the river from DC.

We all have carry permits and are “Pistol Packing Tea Party Mama’s”